LH Native Lazy Loading


This plugin adds the loading attribute to IMG and IFRAME tags found when filtering the_content(), post thumbnails, and oembed to support native lazy loading.

The latest version of Chrome (76) now supports this attribute and more browsers will follow in time.

For more information about lazy loading images using this new native browser image attribute, check out this article: https://addyosmani.com/blog/lazy-loading/.

The loading attribute instructs a browser to defer loading offscreen images until users scroll near them. It comes in three flavors: eager, auto, and lazy. Install this plugin and it will automatically add the attribute where appropriate.

Simple is Beautiful

There is no JavaScript or CSS included in the plugin. It just works in browsers that support the new loading image attribute.

For browsers that don’t support this new image loading attribute. You can still use a JavaScript-based image lazy loader as a fallback until browser support becomes more mainstream.

Requires wp_body_open

Note this plugin requires wordpress 5.2 and for your theme to support the wp_body_open hook (most good themes do).


  1. Install LH Native Lazy Loading from the WordPress repo
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu
  3. That is it, there are no settings it just works!!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does this add any JS?

No. If you’re using another JS-based lazy loader, that’ll just keep working as it did. If the browser doesn\’t support the loading attribute, it’ll just ignore it and process per usual.


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