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Limelight Checkout


Build fully customizable payment forms and put them anywhere on your site! This is the optimal solution when you don’t want a shopping cart.
It’s great for:
— Sales Funnels
— Client Invoice Payments
— High Ticket Products
— Info Products
— SaaS Sales
— Digital Products
— Accepting Donations
— Add-on-items
Create a form where the customer can check a box to include additional items with their order.
— One-click-upsells
No need to re-enter card info to make a secondary purchase.
— Subscriptions
Works with recurring billing.
— Licensing
Can issue a license code for authenticating a purchase.
— Can create a WP User Account.
Allows you to sell exclusive site content by creating a user account on checkout.
— Multi-Step Forms
Works great for collecting your customers contact info before asking for their billing information.
Integration with your favorite email platforms like:
— Active Campaign
Works with popular payment processors such as:
— Authorize.Net
— Stripe
Download now and start accepting payments right now!
This plugin allows access to the Limelight Checkout payment cloud service.
For more info go to https://www.limelighttheme.com


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Журнал изменений

— Added Affiliate WP Support

— Multiple domain activation and deactivation
— Added Account multiple activation/deactivation

— Removed duplicate element ids when duplicating an element within the form builder.

— Fixed empty value error when there are no exclude scripts on posts options set.

— Added more controls when using product addons.

— Added logging post type for the purpose of frontend debugging. All logs are stored under Tools in the admin dashboard as «Limelight Logs».

— Bug fix: Issue with assigning user roles on register event.

— Bug fix: Fixed false trial options for stripe payment gateway.

— Fixed issues with Stripe trial periods.

— Adjusted auto sign in.

— Fixed Authorize.net «subscription.cancelled» webhook.

— Fixed bug with tabs layout scrolling the page to the form on page load

— Fixed issues with api routes that were missing permission_callback. Also tested with latest wordpress release.