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List Orders with Backorders for WooCommerce


While WooCommerce makes it easy to allow for customers to backorder items, there is no mechanism for retailers to keep track of what orders actually have backordered items on them.

This plugin will automatically detect backordered items for orders that are placed though WooCommerce.

You can also modify the order meta (by editing the order) to update the Backordered quantity, or manually add «Backordered» as a Meta Key and the quantity as the Meta Value. This plugin will only detect orders whose status is pending, processing, or on-hold. Completed orders will automatically remove themselves from the list.

Version 2.0 Includes jQuery DataTables to allow easy manipulation of the output of the backordered items list, and allows for export to PDF, XLS, or CSV files.

Report Title is in Ymd_backorder_list Format. This can be filtered in your functions.php with filter ‘dd_list_backorders_report_title’

for example:

add_filter('dd_list_backorders_report_title', function(){return 'this_is_the_title';});


This plugin requires the use of WooCommerce.


  • This is the main list view when clicking on the WooCommerce > Backordered Items admin menu item.
  • This is the edit order on WooCommerce > Orders > Edit Order. You can modify the order item meta by clicking on this pencil.
  • Once you've accessed the order item meta, use the "META KEY" = "Backordered" (or your local translation for "Backordered") based on the official WooCommerce translations, and the "META VALUE" = Number of items backordered.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/list-backorders-woocommerce directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


this plugin realy brought what i needed! al list of orders and the items on that order. the plugin at first did not work because of the language (Dutch) 1 post to the author and the plugin was adjusted! a very big applause to this author and his great plugin. thanks thanks thanks.
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Added SKU to Report


Added report title «yyyymmdd_backorder_list» and filter ‘dd_list_backorders_report_title’


Verified for WC 4.x


Move to OOP version of plugin.
Added DataTables to reporting.


Use WooCommerce translations for better localization


Add additional Localization


Added some localization for «Backordered»


*Update the description
*Modify Permissions


  • File Location error fixed


  • Minor Change for naming convention


  • Initial Release Version