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I have tried over three major invoicing plugins, and none of them were doing the trick for me. And, if I wanted them to, I had to pay a great deal extra for the functionality. LittleBot has been an incredible, simple, and elegant solution that even my clients love. Justin is the best WordPress developer I’ve worked with. He helped me troubleshoot; has been open to all feature requests; and, has not given up on me even though I’ve been a tough one to please. Though the plug-in is free and incredible, I encourage you to buy him a coffee or one of the few add on options.
Great plug-in for creating and processing invoices. Was off and running with my first invoice in under 10 minutes.
This is a great plugin for small biz &/or solo workers. Toss in the option to customize and randomize the invoice numbers and add an email template for paid invoices and it's like 5 stars!
Stumbled across this plugin in my search for an invoicing plugin, it does both invoicing and price estimation, simple but elegantly implemented! Loved the final look of the estimate and invoice generated. Clean, clear and precise to the point, yet artistically pleasing to the eye. Much appreciation to the developer! Thanks you!!
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