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LiveCall — Callback widget


LiveCall helps you grow your business. Call back your customers faster than your competitors & create a WOW effect.

Call back in 25 seconds

A customer clicks on the callback widget and enters his phone number. LiveCall automatically calls your sales manager and the customer. It connects them in a single line. All this magic happens in less than 25 seconds!

Schedule your callback for later

If your customers can’t talk right away, give them a possibility to choose the most convenient moment to call them back. We’ll take care of rest. LiveCall starts the callback automatically at selected time & date and connects your sales manager with the customer.

Mobile friendly widget

LiveCall works great with smartphones and tablets. Our widgets callback are responsive and adjusted to mobile devices to create a great experience for everyone.

“Out of office” mode

LiveCall widget works even when you are resting. We collect phone numbers of your potential customers after working hours. We’ll automatically connect them with your sales managers when they get back to office.

Exit intent pop-up

Turn your leaving visitors into customers. LiveCall tracks visitor’s mouse movement and when it detects intention to leave your website, it displays pop-up with the possibility to receive a callback in 28 seconds.

Free international calls

Your potential customers from all around the world have a possibility to talk to you for free. Instead of calling abroad and risking high phone bills, they just leave their number and receive a free callback.

Multi-language widget

If you have international clients, you can now interact with them in the language they understand. In that way, you will show foreign customers that it’s worth to give you a call.

Landing pages integration

Lead response time can either make or break your sales. You can use LiveCall also for your existing lead generation process. Just connect our software to your landing pages or contact forms and call back faster than your competitors.

Facebook Lead Ads integration

Connect your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns (lead generation for Facebook) with LiveCall. Our software will automatically connect you with the customer, who leaves his phone number in your ad. Integration takes only 2 minutes.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to request a callback with our customer success managers on https://livecall.io or email us at hello@livecall.io.

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See languages available, translated by LiveCall users who call back in 25 seconds (in alphabetical order):
Czech | English | French | German | Greek | Hungarian | Italian | Polish | Portuguese | Slovak | Spanish | Turkish

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  • LiveCall plugin
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Get LiveCall working in just 3 minutes.
1. Create LiveCall free account .
2. Install the LiveCall plugin in WordPress.
3. Activate the LiveCall plugin in ‘Plugins’ section in WordPress.
4. Go to Settings in LiveCall panel and check your Account #
5. Navigate to Settings->LiveCall and add your Account #

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I turn on LiveCall widget on my website?
  • To turn on a widget to the website open the Settings -> LiveCall section of the your WordPress Admin Panel
  • Paste your Account ID into the form
  • Click “Save” button to apply the changes
What happens, if I don’t answer an incoming call?

We are aware that sometimes you cannot receive a call from a customer. If you do not pick up, we will send you an SMS or email with your customer’s phone number so you call him/her when you can.

Can I use LiveCall in several domains?

Yes, you can manage multiple domains from your account if you are on Starter or higher plan. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we do provide onboarding and responsive support. If you would like to arrange individual training sessions contact us. We’ll be happy to do that.


Плохо. Не работает после установки. Требует регистрации и отсылает к себе... Не хочу регистрировать, и терять время - тем более, не уверен в качестве плагина. В сравнении с теми, что работают сразу - не заслуживает внимания. Poorly. Doesn't work after installation. It requires registration and sends to itself ... I do not want to register, and lose time - all the more, I'm not sure about the quality of the plugin. In comparison with those that work right away, it does not deserve attention.
Plugin seems ok, but I had some basic questions and tried using the developers chat feature on their website. Terrible quality and support. The call back app itself is again ok, but you need to log in to get the phone number and no name is collected or ext field (for larger businesses/clients). Think it's available if you pay for the upgrade plan, but too expensive in my opinion. Maybe we'd pay it if they had good customer service, but not with that terrible chat support.
I've seen it on a different website and now we'll be using it on our wedding gown brand website.
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