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LocalSEOMap is a WordPress plugin that makes it fast and easy to improve website rankings in local search results. The plugin adds valid SEO methods such as rich photo and video content, maps, schema, geo-tagging to help improve search rankings. All you need to do is post content about services you provided and LocalSEOMap takes care of the rest.

LocalSEOMap features

  • Interactive Project Map – Display markers for every project you post.
  • Project Pages – Project pages are created for every project you post.
  • Elementor Widgets – Customize layouts with easy to use Elementor widgets.
  • Map Localization — Display maps in any country or regional lanugage.
  • Translations – Easily translate any displayed terminology to any language.
  • Full List of Pro Features

When you upgrade to Pro you get additional features as can be seen at https://www.localseomap.com/pricing .


Installation is simple:

  1. Just use the “Add New” button in the Plugin section of your WordPress blog’s Control panel. To find the plugin there, search for LocalSEOMap
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Add projects using the input form.
  4. Customize the pre-built Project Map page, or create your own Project Map page by adding Elementor widgets to a new page.
  5. Add the Project Map page to your website’s menu.
  6. Full installation instructions are available here https://www.localseomap.com/knowledge-base/.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Who is it for?

The purpose of this plugin is to help websites improve their local search rankings by adding local content to a project map and search optimized project pages. For example, a roofing contractor could add his projects and start ranking in search results for keywords related to each of his projects.

How does it work?

You use the plugin’s Input form to add projects of your work. These projects are then displayed on your project map page and on project pages. You can customized the project map and project pages to match your website’s colors and typography. Many other customization options are available.

Which technologies are used? what is browsers support?

Plugin uses Google Maps API. Elementor widgets are also available.
All popular browsers are supported.

What business types is this for

The plugin is intended for any business that wants to increase their exposure in certain geographies in which they have photos of work that they’ve already done. For example, contractors, real estate agencies, plumbers, locksmiths, warehouses, professional service providers such as attorneys and much more.


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