Locations & Areas — Leaflet Map with Region Tabs


Showcase your multiple locations on a single map tabbed with areas. The map is based on Leaflet JS and offers you several free map styles. So you do not need an API Key, Access Token or any other external registration. There are no API request limits. Just put in your locations with coordinates and place the shortcode anywhere on your site.

You can also provide Areas (Regions) to offer different focus points to your visitor.

For example: You have offices in Europe, Asia and North America and don‘t want to include a whole world map or three separate maps for that. This plugin let‘s you set multiple focus areas within one map. Your visitors will switch (literally ”fly”) between your focus areas just by clicking the links on top of the map.

Another example: You have several stores in different cities. Your site visitors will be able to ”fly” between the cities to get an overview of the exact locations inside every city. You can set the zoom level for every area individually.


  • Let your visitors "fly" between multiple Areas to showcase your Locations on a single map.
  • Use another map style
  • ...or maybe try this one?
  • Edit Screen for Locations
  • Edit Screen for Areas
  • Settings Screen


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Locations & Areas”
  3. Install and activate Locations & Areas from your Plugins page
  4. Click on the new menu item “Locations” and create your first Location!
  5. Use the shortcode [locations-and-areas-map] to show the map on your site.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Do I need an API Key or some external registration?

No, the plugin is based on Leaflet.js and offers you free map styles that don’t need any kind of registration.

How to integrate the map?

Place the shortcode [locations-and-areas-map] anywhere in your content or integrate it within your theme template with PHP:

echo do_shortcode("[locations-and-areas-map]")

Can I use custom styles?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. This plugin is supposed to be developer friendly. Feel free to override the .locations-and-areas class in css to create your own awesome design.

I want to submit a feature request.

Please do so! You can use the support forum to let us know about your ideas helping to make this plugin better.


I'm ussing this plugin instead "WP Store Locutor" because the google api restrictions with the payment method, this plugin is using openstreet maps. Is very simple to use, just put latitude and longitude data from your location to make the marker point on the map and that it's all.
It does what is says without issues. Wish there would be an option for vertical tab display. Sometimes the tabs don't fit, especially when there are too many locations to display.
Yeah, I was hoping someday there would be a plugin, where I can showcase our 20+ office locations worldwide - within one single map. Makes total sense and the plugin does exactly that! Great work!
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  • BUGFIX: map not loading when using inline js caching 3rd party caching plugins
  • BUGFIX: missing coordinates for areas


  • changes in readme, title, icon, description


  • changes in readme and description


  • manage locations as CPT
  • manage areas as taxonomy
  • choose map style
  • areas are optional
  • provide shortcode