Analytics and Pixels


Easy way to install Analytics and Facebook pixel to your WordPress/Woocommerce site.

This Free plugin helps you to:
-Install Google Analytics (pageview events) (+Enhanced Ecommerce events: add to cart, purchase)
-Install Tag Manager
-Install Facebook pixel (events: pageview, purchase)
-Install Google Conversion Tag (purchase conversion with order total)
-Install Google Ads Tag (product viewers information to your Google Ads account)
-Set consent/GDPR cookie name, and plugin starts tracking only if that cookie is found

With Pro-version you can also do advanced stuff and its updated frequently:
-Pro-version can be used on multiple sites!
-Pro-version includes more frequent updates.
-Support our plugin development.
-Buy and download PRO-version here:



  • Plugin settings page.


Upload zip-file and install. You can install this plugin from WordPress plugin directory. Or download it for free on our site


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