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Loved.by Pro


Would you like to be paid for blogging or writing on your website? It’s simple! Loved.by Pro will make any link to a promotion, site, or product, that you attach to your blog or site an affiliate link. When someone visits your site or blog and clicks on that link you will receive a commission on everything they buy! Not a Loved.by Pro publisher? Register here http://lovedby.pro .

Loved.by Pro offers several advantages to new and experienced users. Advantages include:

* The ability to create content and link to merchants as normal.
* Automatic conversion of links into affiliate links “on the fly”
* There is no compromised user experience (meaning no intrusive codes)
* Instant access to 10,000 merchants ready to work with you!
* Reporting software that lets you track and study your users’ habits and most popular merchants

True, you could create your own affiliate project independent of us. Of course, that option leaves you with all of the leg work. Plenty of hours, creating, tracking, maintaining and signing up to new websites. Why not let us handle the hard work so you can focus on creating great content?

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  1. Copy the «lovedby-pro» directory in the zip file to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin in the plugin section.
  3. Get your Loved.by Pro API Key from http://lovedby.pro/account and add it to «Settings» -> «Loved.by»

DON’T FORGET STEP 3! The plugin won’t work until you add the Loved.by Pro API Key!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How does it work?

All you have to do is embed the Loved.by Pro plugin on your website page. The system then monitors your visitors’ actions, specifically, when they click on a link pointing to a different website. The library checks to see if the link’s URL can be affiliated. If it is possible then the link is automatically affiliated for you.

What does Loved.by Pro cost?

No. You can sign up to Loved.by Pro for absolutely free. Sound fair to you?

How do I sign up to be publisher?

It’s simple, just complete the registration form at http://lovedby.pro/sign-up and you can start using Loved.by Pro. As soon as you start generating traffic we approve your website.

Will my visitors know I use Loved.by Pro?

The Loved.by Pro system lets the normal link (the one you created) appear and then turns it into an affiliate link. However, this only occurs when the user clicks through. Therefore, casual users will notice no discernable difference. In the end, this approach helps build consumer trust. A less intrusive set up actually increases click through rates!

What if I already have affiliated links showing on my website?

Our system does not actually over-write any links or affiliate you create on your website. Obviously, you have to honor previous relationships you have started with affiliate networks. However, we can help you manage your affiliate links for you. We offer better rates than our competitors because of our unique scale, along with consolidated reporting, accurate link creations, fast maintenance and one simple paycheck for you to cash.

What happens if the Loved.by Pro’ service is unavailable?

We monitor our system 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We work hard to make sure the system is fully operational. If by some minute possibility our system stops working, your users will never know the difference. The affiliate links will be down temporarily but your links will work as normal. However, there will be no other problems to worry about.

When do I get paid?

Loved.by Pro payments are made at the end of each and every month. We send you the cleared account balance, provided it is over €30.00. If it’s under €30.00, we will carry over your balance to the next month and then send a payment out as soon as you surpass the minimum figure. Certain payments may require up to two months for clearance. This is to protect you from any disappointment that might result from fraudulent buys, refunds and canceled commissions. As a general policy, merchants have the right to cancel a commission related to a transaction for up to two months days after the sale is made. After this time passes, commissions are paid.


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