Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Memphis Sliding Menu


A sliding menu widget for all your WordPress pages. This plugin allows you to:

  • Choose which pages you want to display
  • Place the widget on any sidebar as many times as needed.

Whats New in Version 2.0.3

  • Update — Tested with verison 4.7.
  • Fix — Minor bug fixes.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png
  • screenshot-3.png


From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New and search for Memphis Documents Library

Instead of searching for a plugin you can directly upload the plugin zip file by clicking on Upload:

Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, then click on Install Now. The plugin will be uploaded to your blog and installed. It can then be activated.

Once uploaded the configuration menu is located in either the «Memphis» menu with the heading of «Documents» in the Dashboard or in the «Memphis Docs» menu.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


  • Update — Tested with verison 4.5.
  • Fix — Minor bug fixes.


  • New — Menu creation has been changed, all current menus have been removed. Goto Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets>Memphis Sliding Menu to create a new WordPress menu.
  • Update — Testing up to version 4.4.
  • Update — Removed linkage with Memphis Custom Login.


  • Update — Changed widget functionality to match 4.3 upgrade.


  • Update — Changed to an inline style sheet.


  • Update — Changed the main header to square corners.


  • fixed bug with Menus editor.


  • added page title to child list page.


  • added pending pages to the list of pages in the admin widget
  • if a page is not published it will show its status in the admin widget.
  • Another fixed with issue enabling/disabling all pages.
  • menu is sorted by WordPress menu order


  • Fixed issue with enabling all pages.


  • Small fix to readme file


Initial application release.