EventON Report


EventON Report

This is an addon for the EventON calendar plugin. It provides information like the number of past and upcoming events.Users can browse information by week,month or year.

PRO Version Features

  • RSVP Report

    • See events in a list and learn how each one is doing in terms of RSVP — PRO
    • Switch between weekly, monthly, and yearly view and quickly learn the performance over time — PRO
    • Download RSVP data in CSV format — PRO
    • Have the report emailed automatically. — PRO
  • Tickets Report

    • See ticket sales by day, week, month, and year — PRO
    • With number counter, find out about sales easily — PRO
    • System automatically marks events that are doing well in terms of sales — PRO
    • Download the data for each event or by day, week, month, and year in CSV format. — PRO


  • Reports Settings


This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins & Add New.
  2. Type «eventon reports» into the Search input and click the «Search» button.
  3. Locate the «eventon reports» in the list of search results and click «Install Now».
  4. Click the «Activate Plugin» link at the bottom of the install screen.

It can also be installed manually.

  1. Download the «mmt-eventon-reports-lite.zip» plugin from WordPress.org.
  2. Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the «Plugins» screen.
  4. Locate «mmt-eventon-reports-lite» in the list and click the «Activate» link.


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