Mon Laboratoire


This WordPress plugin allows you to simply update the members, teams, themes, publications (from third party HAL or third party database Descartes Publi) of a laboratory’s web pages without any knowledge of web programming.


  • Documentation intégrée
  • Page de configuration des fonctionnalités


  1. Upload \»MonLabo\» to the \»/wp-content/plugins/\» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure Mon Laboratoire at page admin.php?page=MonLabo_config
  4. Place shortcodes in your pages (shortcode list is given at page «wp-admin/admin.php?page=MonLabo»)

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does MonLabo is functionnal in multisite?

Yes, but there are few functionalites that do not work as attended. A future version will fix that.

If I want to display publications, what publication third party service should I configure ?

Answer: By default you have to use HAL which is opened to all french-speaking scientific community. If you are in Paris Descartes University, you can use Descartes Publi (please contact author if you have no access to this service).


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Участники и разработчики

«Mon Laboratoire» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Заинтересованы в разработке?

Посмотрите код, проверьте SVN репозиторий, или подпишитесь на журнал разработки по RSS.

Журнал изменений


* BUG : Uninstall was not functionnal.


  • EVOL : Add support of plugin PolyLang-pro
  • EVOL : Update HAL logo and Universite Paris Cité logo
  • BUG : In some rare cases, bad symetry in json encoding of URL in field wp_pos_ids (can have no \ before each / in database).
  • CODE : refactoring class Edit_Members.
  • CODE : Reduce static analyse warnings (Class_Page, Class_shortcode)
  • CODE : Reduce PHPMD warnings. Create class Shortcode_static, a static interface to all non static code of shorcodes.


  • BUG : Bad PolyLang translated links in some shortcodes (take into account current page language before get link of a translated page)


  • Evolutions of functionalities :
    • IMPROVE : New config interface for managing pages of Persons, Teams, Thematics and Units
      • Add a radio-buttons-group Create/Choose/Edit/None for pages
      • Unification of interface for managing pages (same human friedly menus instead of sometime directly type IDs list)
      • ‘External URL’ is no more needed for Teams, Thematics and Units (fusion with this new functionality)
      • Create page if asked for Teams, Thematics and Units
      • Create multilingual pages if PolyLang activated
      • Signal pages attributed to other persons and structure
    • EVOL/IMPROVE : Translated pages with PolyLang are now well managed
      • translated pages are automatically used by the shortcodes
      • translated pages are displayed in config interface of person and structures
      • Create or delete translated page automatically
    • IMPORVE : add nice icons in admin menu
    • EVOL (minor) : Name of the config tabs URL are more expressive
    • EVOL : Persons picture is now managed more simply, i.e. separatly than featured image of the main page of person (drop also ‘alternate image’ field).
  • Correct bugs :
    • BUG : in [members_chart] remove persons that are marked as not visible.
    • BUG : correct bad HTML in «custom texts» config page
  • Improve reliability:
    • Ready and tested for WordPress 6.0
    • CODE : Deep refactoring : Simplify/reorganize a lot of class, properties and variables


  • Ready and tested for WordPress 5.9
  • CODE: Strong refactor of code (access to Person and structures…) :
    • add classes Main_Struct, Persons_Group, Teams_Group
    • reducing warnings with static analizer PhpStan
    • better isolation between Person and structure models and controlers
    • reduce complexity of class AccessData (to be contunued)
  • CODE (Minor) : clean CSS ways to prevent words to be cuted in panels


  • BUG : Remove debug print.


  • Evolutions of functionalities :
    • BUG/EVOL : Better integration of Polylang, links are pointing on translated pages
    • NEW (admin interface): We can now add several mentors and students that are from outside the laboratory
    • NEW (admin interface): Mentors and students selection interfaces are hidden by default. Can be shown with a button.
  • Improve reliability:
    • CODE: Deep refactoring in process (new classes…)
    • BUG: New line character was not kept in several text area
    • CODE: upgrade licence version from GPL-2.0-or-later to GPL-3.0-or-later


  • Evolutions of functionalities :
    • EVOL: Improve [teams_list] — directors names are no more simple texts but links to their pages
    • CODE/EVOL : Transformation to uppercase of persons names is now done by CSS (thus can be reversed)
  • Improve reliability:
    • CODE: ready and tested for WordPress 5.8
    • BUG: bad link to person that have multiple pages
    • BUG: Edition form of an alumni person do no more forget the state of alumni
    • BUG (minor): Correct bad alphabetic order in editing form (table view)
    • BUG (minor): Correct some bad display of default picture of persons in editing form
    • CODE: Correct hundreds of warnings given by static analizer PHPMD (PHAN static analyser is alredy used).


  • NEW : new language admin menu that permits:
    • force language in french or english
    • or, translate page in the language of user’s browser
    • or, be able to translate pages of persons, teams, units in two languages
    • or, use a translation plugin as Polylang
  • NEW : accept either singular of plural form of parameters for most shortcodes.
    Parameters: year(s), categor(y/ies), team(s), unit(s), person(s), unit(s), group(s), thematic(s)
    Shortcodes: [members_list] [members_table] [members_chart] [former_members_list] [former_members_table] [former_members_chart] [teams_list] [publications_list]
  • EVOL: Rename several shortcode with more explicit names (old names are still functionnal)
    • Rename [alumni_list] into [former_members_list]
    • Rename [alumni_table] into [former_members_table]
    • Rename [alumni_chart] into [former_members_chart]
      Minor or inconspicuous developments:
    • FIXES/CHANGES : display order of teams list for a person no more by team_id but alpabetically.
    • CODE : reduce complexity of several functions
    • CODE : Apply WordPress coding standards


  • Evolutions of functionalities :
    • FEAT: shortcode [publications_list] : Permit to chose the type of HAL publications to display => Add option hal_typepub
    • FEAT: shortcode [teams_list] : Add options ‘unit’ and ‘team’
    • EVOL: shortcode [teams_list] : Small rearange in design (badly arranged margins, limits and sizes. Limit logo of thematics in size).
    • EVOL: shortcode [team_panel] : Add links to thematics pages. Add logo and color block
  • Correct bugs :
    • BUG: shortcode [teams_list] : Do not display groups if groups option is not enabled
    • BUG: shortcode [teams_list] : Cannot link internal team pages
    • BUG: Admin menu : New lines in «contact phone» of main structure was not taken into account
  • Improve reliability :
    • Code ready and tested for WordPress 5.7
    • CODE: Correct hundreds of warnings given by static analizer Phan.
    • CODE: Declare type of most function parameters
    • CODE: Make code more independant with the use of namespace. Rename all class and their files.
    • CODE: Self document all code with PHPDOC
    • CODE: create a new class MonLabo_teams


  • Ready and tested for WordPress 5.6
  • BUG : Repair broken link «Configuration» in extensions list
  • BUG : On new installations, some default activated-options were not activated (at least MonLabo_uses_members_and_groups)
  • BUG : Remove some warnings (function image_from_id_or_url())


  • BUG : On new installations, some default activated-options were not activated (at least MonLabo_uses_members_and_groups)


  • Ready and tested for WordPress 5.6
  • BUG : Repair broken link «Configuration» in extensions list


  • Main evolutions of functionalities :
    • EVOL : A person can own several pages
    • EVOL : A person can own several emails (separated by coma)
    • EVOL : Add the option «person=» to shortcode [alumni_list] (as it already exists for [members_list])
  • Main improvements or updates of interface:
    • DESIGN : Improve ergonomy of «Custom texts» config tab.
    • EVOL : Much easier configuration form for members WordPress address
    • EVOL : Correction of poor display of radio buttons in config interface.
  • Main improvements about security and reliability:
    • CODE/BUG : Rewrite all code for chosing an image as a logo for Thematic, team or unit. Sometimes it was non functionnal.
    • CODE : Improve unit test coverage (6026 tests) and tested in WordPress multisite
  • Minors :
    • EVOL : Allows user to customize text «Room» in team_panel.
    • DESIGN : Always displays «Custom texts» config tab. Lighten «Features» config tab.
    • EVOL : Add logo U-Paris. Suppress UPEC (non contributive since V2.0)
    • CODE : Detect obsolete database
    • CODE : Secure ajax code with a nonce to prevent unauthorized access
    • CODE : Secure all actions that accept POST with a nonce to prevent unauthorized access
    • BUG : Suppress php warnings that occur when creating new person, team, thematic or unit.
    • BUG : Suppress php warnings that occur when apparence fields in are empty in configuration interface.
    • BUG : Correct bad redirection of buttons for modifying teams, thematics or units in the admin tab «table view»
    • BUG : Bad alphabetic order of [members_list] with people that have accents in names. Order shoud be : E < É < F
    • BUG : Suppress warnings if database is empty
    • CODE : Correct few HTML warnings from W3C standards
    • BUG : Suppress a PHP warning in MonLabo_doc
    • BUG : In some server configuration, URL of default image for a person was wrong.


  • BUG : PHP error when activate multiple units mode and define no unit


  • BUG : Bad PHP warning of function error_MonLabo_perso_page_parent()


  • CODE: Convert text-domain and langage slug ‘MonLabo’ into ‘mon-laboratoire’ in order to be compatible with
  • BUG : Simplify some complex translation calls beause it was badly interpretated sometimes
  • BUG: Solve potential errors of translations when blog language is different that page language (for instance if a translation plugin is installed).


  • BUG : Suppress warnings with PHP 7.4
  • BUG : Sometimes «Room» was badly translated in shortcodes for members
  • BUG : Sometimes language english was not taken into account : add en_GB translation
  • BUG : WordPress official repository do not recognize that main language is french : add fr_FR translation


  • BUG : Suppress warnings in admin page


  • EVOL : The plugin is changing its name from «MonLabo» to «Mon Laboratoire»
  • EVOL : The plugin is now in WordPress plugin repository
  • EVOL : Remove backward compatibility for following obsolete shortcodes :
    • [members_list_automatic], [get_members_list]
    • [custom_publications_list], [publications_automatic]
    • [perso_panel_automatic]
    • [alumni]
  • CODE : Suppress dead codes.

See changelog.txt for older, minor or inconspicuous changelog