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31.03.2020 1 ответ
I purchased this product subscription last year and it was working at first until recently when I tried to update the layout of my website, the plugin would no longer load. It would spin and get to about 60% and would get stuck, so I was unable to make updates to my site. So I had to switch to a different page builder tool Elementor and rebuild each page on my website from scratch (prior to cancellation and subscription renewal). I explained this problem to the vendor and asked could I be reimbursed for the new subscription. I canceled the subscription the very same day that it was renewed. When I requested a refund, I was told no. Due to one of the following reasons «Please note, if a product you purchased corresponds to its description and provides the features and functions stated therein, no refunds will be granted in the following cases: – you simply decided not to use the product after you purchased it; – you bought the product accidentally; – the product didn’t meet your pre-purchase expectations; – you changed your mind and don’t want or need to use the product anymore; – your skills are insufficient for usage of the product; – the product was deleted or became no longer supported before you could download it. (Please, make sure you always download the products right after purchase.) For more details kindly refer to our Terms & Conditions page.»
09.12.2019 1 ответ
Just another «page builder» that is not a page builder. WP Page Builder is only able to edit the content area of a theme’s page. So, for instance, you can’t manipulate the header or the menu at all, even if you import one of WP Page Builder’s templates, unless THE THEME allows you to also do so from within the native wp theme «Customize». Can there not be a standard that a «Page Builder» must really be a page builder, and not a «content area builder»?
15.10.2019 1 ответ
I started building my first site one year ago and this was the plugin I picked after comparing with other plugins. The plugin has been very reliable and useful and the helpline addressed my question professionaly. Highly recommended.
27.09.2019 1 ответ
I just started using MotoPress Content Editor «Lite» (trust me, the «lite» version is armed to the teeth with lots of primo widgets/elements that are premium in most other page builders) to quickly recreate a friend’s website that was on WIX after I convinced them it would be a more economical option — in the long run. Every element I needed to recreate was already in this fabulous content editor. Folks, take a peek at the wide array of well-thought out widgets that comes with this «lite» version: Title, Paragraph, Quote, List, Icon, Image, Slider, Grid gallery, Button, Button group, Download button, Social share buttons, Social media buttons, Audio file,Vimeo and YouTube video, Posts grid, Service box, Tabs, Accordion, Table, Call-to-action block, Modal box, Splash screen, Space, Google Maps, Countdown timer, Embed Chart, Widgets area, Member’s content, Multiple WordPress elements. If this is «lite», I don’t frigging know what «premium» is. My hats off to the entire MotoPress Team. You guys rock BIG TIME — seriously! I am now one of your biggest fans! But here’s the thing…using this page builder (er content editor) feels soooo intuitive…more so than all the others I’ve tried so far. Yeah yeah, I know everyone talks about Elementor, Beaver Builder et al. But MotoPress «lite» more than holds its own against anybody in this crowded field. I know good software when I see it. This tool is exceptional. Oh, did I mention the 30+ built-in elements (widgets)? Yes I did! But I feel the need to toot the horn of this «Lite» Content Editor’s vast array of goodies (er elements) that will definitely save newbies & professionals from wasting valuable time installing a ton of unrelated or buggy plugins in order to get the same functionality. In essence, this «lite» page builder is like the perfect Linux distro (MX-Linux) that comes with the perfect mix of apps, tools, stability & other goodies to make it stand out from the Linux crowd. Well done, Team MotoPress! Well done!
30.06.2018 1 ответ
It use real front end editor, and not opening another box when writing text. However I hope more features added to this great page builder.
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