MultiParcels Доставка для WooCommerce


Main features

  • Add pickup point selector to the checkout
  • Hide city, postal code and address fields when delivering to pickup locations
  • Hide city, postal code and address fields when customer chooses «Local pickup»
  • Display carrier logos near shipping methods
  • Create shipping labels for all carriers in one place
  • Send tracking code to the customer (also we support Omnisend)
  • Automatic shipping label creation
  • Автоматическое обновление мест (точeк) приема и отправки

Easy way to integrate carriers with all deliveries methods to create shipments with just a few button clicks. Try for free!

More features

  • COD услугa (оплата наличными или с банковской карточкой при доставке заказа)
  • Возможность бесплатной доставки
  • Показывает только возможные места доставки в городе клиента
  • Выбранный просмотр местоположения электронной почте
  • Display selected pickup location on Google maps
  • Display shipping methods only on specific days/time
  • Multiple sending locations/multiple warehouses
  • Easy to change pickup point selector location
  • Easy to get selected pickup point information for invoices etc. with code
  • Ongoing Warehouse support


  1. DPD (Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia)
  2. Omniva (Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia)
  3. Venipak (Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia)
  4. LP Express / LPExpress /
  5. Lithuania POST / Lietuvos paštas /
  6. Latvian POST / /
  8. UPS / UPS SurePost
  9. DHL Express
  10. TNT
  11. FedEx Parcel / LTL Freight
  12. Deutsche Post International / DHL Global Mail /
  13. GLS
  14. Hermes World / Hermes Border-guru
  15. Hermes UK / MyHermes
  16. InPost
  17. Posti
  18. Itella
  19. SmartPOST by Itella
  20. ParcelStars
  21. Siuntos autobusais

Pickup points

  1. DPD (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  2. LP Express (Lithuania)
  3. Omniva (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  4. Venipak (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  5. Itella (Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  6. Posti (Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  7. SmartPOST by Itella (Finland, Estonia)
  8. InPost (Poland)
  9. Latvian post (Latvia, Lithuania)
  10. ParcelStars (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland)

Supported checkouts

  • Default WooCommerce checkout
  • CheckoutWC
  • AeroCheckout
  • Rey theme checkout

Always free shipping methods

MultiParcels guarantees different delivery options — terminal/pickup point — selection for free!

Always free:
— Terminals
— Pickup points


  • YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles
  • WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Created for you, by

MultiParcels — MultiSiuntos


  • Selected pickup location information with Google maps
  • Hidden fields when delivering to pickup points
  • Shipping zone preview
  • Настройки зон доставки и способоб доставки
  • Страница настроек & список курьерских служб


  1. Установите плагин
  2. Завершите одношаговый процесс записи
  3. Включите курьеров, которые вам нужны
  4. Введите цены для желаемых способов доставки
  5. Начните доставку!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to get the selected pickup location information programmatically?

$order = 123; // or WC_Order class
$selected_location = MultiParcels()->locations->get_location_for_order($order); // result is either an array or false

How to change to change pickup point selector display hook?

add_filter(‘multiparcels_location_selector_hook’, function () {
return ‘woocommerce_before_order_notes’;

How to change to change carrier logo?

add_filter(‘multiparcels_checkout_carrier_logo_url’, function ($default_logo_url, $carrier, $delivery_type_code) {
if ($carrier == WC_MP_Shipping_Helper::CARRIER_LP_EXPRESS && $delivery_type_code == WC_MP_Shipping_Method::SUFFIX_PICKUP_POINT) {
return «»;
return $default_logo_url;
}, 10, 3);


Amazing plugin delivers useful information of delivery options in Baltics and other countries. Support could be more punctual - much more direct in their promises. Public forum for exchanges of views and problems is required. Thank you for creating this plugin.
Easy to navigate, easy to work. Listen to customer ideas, offers and solve problems/make updates very quickly.
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Журнал изменений

= 1.14.4 — 2021-08-09
— [New carrier] Siuntos autobusais

= 1.14.3 — 2021-07-28
— Removed places where we ask for review

= 1.14.2 — 2021-07-27
— [Feature] Disable free shipping coupon for specific shipping methods
— [Tweak] Checkout fields for free plan
— [Tweak] Better PHP8 support
— [Tweak] Automatic shipment confirmation every 24 hours
— [Fix] Local pickup hidden fields

= 1.14.1 — 2021-05-21
— [Tweak] API errors in Lithuanian language
— [Tweak] Better select2 support

= 1.14 — 2021-05-21
— [New carrier] FedEx
— [New carrier] Itella
— [New carrier] Deutsche Post International / DHL Global Mail
— [New carrier] GLS
— [New carrier] Hermes World
— [New carrier] Hermes (United Kingdom)
— [Feature] Ability to select shipping method(economy, express, express saver etc.) in shipping zones
— [Feature] Ability to edit products worth when dispatching orders(customs value)
— [Feature] Filter «multiparcels_checkout_carrier_icon_url» to change carrier logo
— [Feature] Ability to remove selected pickup point
— [Tweak] Better support for default and group by city

= 1.13.2 — 2021-05-21
— [Feature] Hide address fields when customers selects «Local pickup»
— [Feature] Hide delivery phone number field
— [Tweak] Fully clear locations table each update

= 1.13.1 — 2021-05-06
— [Fix] Filter woocommerce_order_get_formatted_shipping_address in WC < 3.9
— [Fix] Rey theme checkout support bug

= 1.13 — 2021-05-04
— [Feature] Latvian POST terminal/post office selection
— [Tweak] ZITICITY improvements

= 1.12.2 — 2021-04-09
— [Feature] Rey theme checkout support
— [Improvement] Automatic confirmation

= 1.12.1 — 2021-03-25
— [Feature] Automatic confirmation sends an email if confirmation fails
— [Feature] Ability to select which statuses automatic confirmation will confirm
— [Feature] Ability to show or hide address 2 field
— [Feature] Ability to force required phone number
— [Feature] Support WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce — skip main bundle product
— [Improvement] ZITICITY delivery to any city
— [Tweak] Hide VAT status in shipping zones if taxes are disabled
— [Tweak] Hide address 2 field when delivering to pickup points
— [Tweak] Display selected pickup location information in order list when there are no shipping details

= 1.12 — 2021-03-08
— [Feature] Ability to hide not required fields when shipping to pickup locations
— [Feature] Automatic order confirmation
— [Feature] Added shipping phone field
— [Feature] Change pickup type for each shipping method
— [Tweak] Forbid dispatching if selected pickup location does not exist in the database
— [Tweak] Ability to change product names when dispatching an order
— [Tweak] Omnisend improvements
— [Tweak] ZITICITY improvements

= 1.11.3 — 2021-02-09
— [Tweak] ZITICITY cities

= 1.11.2 — 2021-01-26
— [Feature] New button to reset order shipment and change status to «Processing»
— [Fix] A bug with «does not fit in pickup locations» variations

= 1.11.1 — 2020-12-08
— [Fix] A bug with «does not fit in pickup locations»
— [Tweak] Ability to modify the quantity of products when dispatching a shipment

= 1.11 — 2020-12-04
— [New carrier] ZITICITY carrier added
— [Feature] Change COD value on order page
— [Feature] Omnisend support for tracking number, tracking link and carrier
— [Feature] Ability to specify which products/categories do not fit in pickup locations
— [Feature] Ability to apply minimum order amount rule before coupon discount. Now minimum order amount for free shipping calculates after coupon applied discount
— [Tweak] Added missing services translations
— [Tweak] Order created at time to include timezone difference
— [Tweak] Alert if the buyer will not receive the tracking code because the order status is «Completed»
— [Tweak] Alert if Paysera Paid Order Status is «Completed». The buyer would not get the tracking code