Multiple Products to Cart — WooCommerce Product Table


EASY to use and super FAST WooCommerce product table solution to add multiple products to cart at once. Great for accessories, restaurant or any WooCommerce shops, great for increase conversions.

A truly lightweight and simple yet powerful plugin without any unnecessary features, no huss fuss or no low page speed score!

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  • Category sub-sections
  • Short verstion of the shortcode
  • Improved mobile view
  • Simple and Variable product types supported
  • Works with MULTISITE
  • AJAX & non-ajax add to cart method
  • Truly lightweight and extremely fast, almost no impact on page speed
  • See all features


  • Show product gallery
  • Show variation description
  • Subscription product types supported
  • Redirect to custom page after submission
  • Category, Tag, SKU, Stock and Rating columns
  • AJAX powered live search box
  • Single add to cart button for each product
  • Sort or hide the columns using the drag and drop option
  • Custom product order
  • Rocket speed 24/7 support
  • See all PRO features

3rd Party Plugin Support


Shortcode attributes
pagination = «true» or «false»
limit = 10
orderby = «date», «title» or «price»
ids = ID(s) of the products like «2568,2547»
See all attributes

Some examples of the shortcodes.

[woo-multi-cart pagination="false" limit="10"]
[woo-multi-cart limit=20 orderby="title" order="desc"]
[woo-multi-cart description ="true" selected="2568,2547"]
[woo-multi-cart type="variable"]
[woo-multi-cart cats="5,6,9"]
[woo-multi-cart ids="2568,2547"]

PRO Shortcodes

[woo-multi-cart type="subscription,variable-subscription"]
[woo-multi-cart ids="24,19" orderby="id" order="custom"]
[woo-multi-cart single="true"]


  • Front-end View
  • Settings
  • Shortcode Generator


  1. Upload the plugin folder «multiple-products-to-cart-for-woocommerce» to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Settings page WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Multiple Products to Cart

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does it support multisite?


How can I add a product table in pages?

You can add new product table using the shortcode generator. Simply go to Multiple Products > Add Product Table > Shortcode Generator

Where is the settings?

In the left menu bar of the dashboard Multiple Products > Settings

How can I modify the product table?

The WooCommerce product table template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/templates/listing-list.php.

Will it work on any theme or page builder?

Yes, it will work fine on any standard theme or page builder like Gutenberg, Elementor, DIVI, WPBakery Composer etc.

Where can I get PRO support?

Most of our PRO customer’s problem solved within 24 hours of their first contact. Please contact here if you are a PRO customer.

Do you support customizations?

Yes, just send your request here.


As promised, the plugin is really lightweight and works well. Just on mobile display it might be a little overloaded, but the you just need to remove some columns. Also the support helped us very quick. Recommendable!
Check your website every time there is an update. Experienced app deactivation each time there was an auto-update. Revised - I notified the developer of our issue following an update. They responded within a few hours, and immediately jumped on it. They found a bug, repaired it and in 24-hours of my first contact had the issue resolved. Amazing support! Many larger developers wouldn't even respond within that time-frame. We love this app. This app was fantastic and worked well. Then following an update it ceased applying the correct price to variables, thus customers made purchases of upgrades at a base price. We can't afford to have an app that creates this type of chaos. Had to remove shortcode and cease using the app. Have reached out to support regarding the issue. Will amend review if problem gets solved.
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