My Chatbot


Create your own branded chatbot for your WordPress website, powered by Google Dialogflow.

Clean, simple and easy to use. View Demo.

Key Features

  • Conversation History — Save to local storage. Persist across pages. Allow visitors to clear history.
  • Rich Message Responses — Quick Replies, Cards and Images. Add oEmbed codes (e.g. Youtube video) and hyperlinks in text responses.
  • Chatbot Overlay — Add a chatbot overlay in the bottom right corner which toggles up or down.
  • Welcome Intent — Greet your users with a welcome message when they open the chatbot.
  • Custom Style Options — Settings with color pickers for backgrounds and fonts and opacity for old conversation bubbles.
  • Response Message Delays — Optionally add a delay before displaying response messages.
  • Custom Branding — Custom text for heading, powered by and input placeholder.
  • Mobile Support — Displays fine on mobile devices. Optionally disable chatbot overlay on mobile devices.
  • Display Control — Choose which page types (e.g. home, single, search etc…) post types (e.g. post & page) or specific posts where the overlay can be shown.
  • Message Alignment — Options to change request and response bubbles to be aligned either left or right.
  • Text Size — Visitors can click an icon to increase or decrease the chatbot text size.
  • Overlay State — Default open option. Remember open state when navigating website.
  • Shortcode & Widget — Add chatbot in your post content using the [my_chatbot] shortcode. Add a chatbot widget to your page layouts.
  • Secure — No credentials exposed in the browser. Google API authentication is server-side using OAuth 2.
  • Well Built — Developer friendly. In-built template system. 60+ stargazers on Github. REST API. Lightweight.

Upgrade to Pro

Looking for some more advanced functionality? The My Chatbot Pro version provides a significant additional feature set, including:

  • Popup Overlay — Extra chatbot overlay style. Icon bottom right corner with a popup.
  • Right Side Overlay — Extra chatbot overlay style. Right side slide across.
  • Menu — Add a menu button at the bottom of the chatbot which displays a menu response message.
  • System Avatar — Display a system user avatar alongside chatbot response messages.
  • Active Schedule — Enable the overlay to be displayed between a start and end time each day.

Find out more.


  • Chatbot overlay example with rich message content
  • [my_chatbot] shortcode example
  • Plugin options
  • Plugin options continued


See Getting Started documentation.


What a cool, simple plugin! Really needs to be taken over, loved and kept current. @dpowney charge money for this thing and release a new version with more options. Like a bot icon, for example. And API V2. And easy styling.
Its exactly what I imagined it would be, and so easy to use. After I get done putting in a bunch of questions and answers, I have a long chat with it and constantly come up with more Q&A to add which only makes it more realistic. Best ChatBot Plugin Ever!
Works out of the box. Dialogflow is a bit confusing until you learn how to use it but that's not the author's fault. Only thing I wish it had was an avatar option.
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Журнал изменений

1.1 (11/04/2020)

  • Fix: Incorrect locale used for German intent
  • New: Added card response rich message support
  • New: Added icon for visitors to delete conversation history from local storage
  • New: Added oEmbed support for text responses
  • New: Added admin option to scale the conversation font size
  • New: Added icon for visitors to increase or decrease default font-size
  • New: If chatbot is still open when navigating to a different page, it will now re-open
  • Fix: loading div HTML was not removed
  • New: Added option to disable overlay on mobile devices
  • New: Added multiple messages delay loading
  • New: Added request and response bubble alignment settings: left or right
  • Tweak: Modified CSS3 media queries to improve overlay display on mobile devices
  • New: Added option to allow overlay on specific page types
  • New: Added option to allow overlay on specific post types
  • Tweak: Removed credits screen
  • Fix: Validate empty string requests
  • Fix: Widget chatbot conversation area width
    [//]: # fs_premium_only_begin
  • New: Added new overlay theme with popup icon
  • New: Added new overlay theme with right side slide across
  • New: Added new chatbot avatar option
  • New: Added menu and custom event option in chatbot overlay
  • New: Added active schedule option
    [//]: # fs_premium_only_end

1.0 (19/09/2020)

  • New: Upgraded to Dialogflow v2 APIs. Dialogflow API integration is now server side with OAuth 2.0 using a service account key file.
  • Tweak: Removed Skype, Kik and Viber messaging platform support
  • New: Conversation history saved in local storage
  • Fix: Shortcode debug textarea

0.6 (15/03/2018)

  • New: Now supports multiple chatbots on the same page
  • Bug: Fixed loading welcome intent when overlay is initially closed
  • Tweak: Updated JavaScript and generated HTML to use classes instead of ids for some div elements as there can be more than one chatbot on the same page
  • Bug: Escape text input to prevent XSS
  • New: Added support for different languages

0.5 (18/11/2017)

  • New: Added show loading option which is implemted using a local icon font and CSS animations
  • New: Added loading dots color option
  • New: Added response delay option 0 — 5000ms
  • Bug: Moved setting the sesison cookie to before any HTML appears to fix headers already set warning
  • Bug: Replaced Dashicon ico fonts for toggle up/down with a local icon font. It you have customized the chatbot-overlay.php template file, you will need to update it.

0.4 (11/09/2017)

  • New: Added myc_protocol_version filter for API query requests
  • New: Added option in Edit Post screen to override displaying the chatbot overlay on specific posts
  • Tweak: Added HTML5 placeholder to input text settings
  • Tweak: Dialogflow rebranding required updates to various text (formerly API.AI) and changed base_url to
  • Tweak: Updated readme and welcome page
  • New: Add input text (e.g. Ask something…) as an option
  • New: Added unique session id for Dialogflow conversations using a cookie which expires after 24 hours
  • New: Added myc_widget_before_conversation_area action hook to chatbot widget template
  • New: Added option to show time underneath conversation bubbles
  • New: Added filters to modify the access token, enable welcome event, messaging platform, session id and show time options. This allows you to have different chatbots on different pages for example.
  • New: Added HTML5 required validation for required plugin settings

0.3 (03/08/2017)

  • Tweak: Added obverlay for mobile using CSS3 media queries for different small screens with portrait and lanscape orientations
  • New: Added toggle CSS class to overlay for open/closed
  • New: Added JavaScript event in frontend for extra response handling
  • New: Added myc_shortcode_before_conversation_area action hook to [my_chatbot] shortcode template

0.2 (24/07/2017)

  • New: Added an overlay of the chatbot at the bottom right of every page which is enabled by default
  • Tweak: Refined styles of conversation area
  • New: Added default language translation files for US English
  • New: Added opacity option for old conversation bubbles

0.1 (11/07/2017)

  • Initial