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Okay, so its says ‘It is 100% Free!’ It’s not as you have to pay for ‘upgrades’ and, just another way to harvest your emails.
Created account, Installed plugin, Installed app on android … and i have problem… can’t login with my account credentials. Then i login with my agent credentials. and it worked like a charm. Tested this with two simultaneous chat sessions, one from PC, other from a second mobile, whereas android app was installed on my own phone. worked like a charm. Thanks a lot for this wonderful solution to Live Chat.
In the middle of chat sessions with customers, we would get messages like «MyLiveChat has stopped working» or «Connection to the chat server failed. Trying to reconnect» or “Cannot Connect to the chat server”. We would basically be forced to close down and try to reopen. Reopening would have it’s own set of problems — requiring us to download again. Totally losing our chat sessions (imagine how upset this would make our customers). If you are going to give them a shot, I recommend going month by month instead of paying for months in advance. We paid for 6 months in advance and realized after the 1st real test run that it wasn’t stable enough to use with real customers and they wouldn’t refund us (even for the unused time). They insist that all the network issues were on our end (although we had top notch IT staff helping us troubleshoot and everything else running through our network was perfect). I’ve written several emails and contacted their chat several times with no response. We are just going to have to eat the $359 we wasted on this software. We did find another software that isn’t too expensive and it’s worked wonderful so far.
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