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myCred GiveWP


myCred GiveWP gamifies the highest rated, most downloaded, and best supported donation plugin for WordPress.

myCred GiveWP is a myCred integrated add-on that helps you reward your donors with myCred points and badges when they donate using GiveWP donation forms.

How does this add-on work? Registered users donate for a cause or campaign set by the admin using GiveWP donation forms. myCred hooks recognize the donation and award the points set accordingly.

GiveWP is a free donation platform optimized for online giving. It's powerful features transform the way you accept online donations. With GiveWP, you can accept charitable gifts through customizable donation forms, view donation statistics and reports and manage donors.

myCred GiveWP is a smart way to gamify your donation collection process.

Give your donors myCred points and badges as a reward for their generous donations.

Gamification on your donation can lead you to collect more charity and fundraising for different causes using the competitive aspect of participants.

Gamification helps you create better engagement and motivation for potential donors. You can reward myCred points and badges to participating donors using automated gamification settings in the back-end panel (Hook Settings).


  • Configure the add-on on multiple donation forms on GiveWP.
  • Set a minimum donation amount on which the points will be awarded.
  • Only award points on specific donation campaigns.


  • Award/Deduct points on every donation
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation of minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount)
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation through specific form’
  • Award badge to users for making a ‘donation’
  • Award badge on donation of ‘minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount)
  • Award badge on ‘donation from specific form’


Click here to view the detailed technical documentation. The documentation includes a step-by-step configuration guide and troubleshooting.


  • Add Shortcodes
  • Copy Shortcodes
  • myCred Give WP Hook
  • myCred Give WP Hook Settings
  • Donation Frontend - 1
  • Donation Frontend - 2
  • Donation Frontend - 3
  • Thankyou page
  • myCred Give WP Hook
  • myCred Give WP Badge Settings
  • Donation Frontend - 4
  • Notification
  • Log Data


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Under Search, type myCred GiveWP
  3. Find myCred GiveWP and click Install Now to install it
  4. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it and you are ready to go.


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