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Native Lands Search


Creates a block allowing your readers to search for a location and see a list of native territories that historically contained it.

Creates a block pattern that includes the Native Lands Search block in a two-column layout.

Made with love for the folks at Pipewrench Magazine.

Powered by the native-land.ca API and Google Geocoding API.


  • PHP 7.4+
  • WordPress 5.7+
  • Google Geocoding API Key


  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Create a Google Geocoding API Key
  3. Navigate to Settings > Native Lands and save the API key in the provided setting.
  4. In any post, add the «Native Lands Search» block or «Native Lands Aside» block pattern to the post content.
  5. Edit the copy within the Native Lands Search block as desired.


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  • Native Lands Search Allow readers to search for a location and see the native lands that encompass it.


Thanks for making this plugin, it is going to be of high interest to an education community I am part of that provides faculty and students a free service (multisite) to have their own blogs. The Google Map Geocoding API is a big step for setup, it would be helpful to perhaps have a network setting for the API so users would not have to bother. Or better yet, if they made use of Open Street Map, which has a geocoding API. One can dream and ask for the sky, right?
The Native Lands Search plugin is quick to set up, works flawlessly in the block editor, is easily customized using its built-in settings and group or cover blocks, and gives WordPress site owners a great way to expose visitors to key information about Native an indigenous nations around the world. Alex, its developer, is fast, friendly, and helpful, and knows WP inside and out. We use it to embed search functionality throughout our magazine, and recommend it with all possible gusto.
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