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Nautilus Trips


The Nautilus Trips plugin shows available trips aboard the Nautilus Liveaboards vessels and allows people to book a trip
right on your website.

*An approved Nautilus Dealers account and API Key are required for proper operation of this plugin!
If you are not already a Nautilus Dealer you can apply on the Nautilus Dealers contact form https://nautilusdealers.com/contact.

Choose a subset of trips, destinations, vessels, or allow all available trips to be displayed on your website.
Guests can see details of destinations and book a trip right into Nautilus Liveaboards systems under your Dealer Account.

This plugin accesses an external API from Nautilus Liveaboards to obtain real-time trip availability data. To do so, the
website must be able to perform server-to-server communication. A valid Dealer API key is required for these API requests.


  • screenshot-1.jpg shows the configuration screen for Nautilus Trips administration. Enter your Nautilus Dealers API key and Dealer email address here. You can also choose to filter the trips displayed on your website with the checkboxes.
  • screenshot-2.jpg shows the average Trip List page as it will be seen on your website.
  • screenshot-3.jpg shows a Trip Details and booking page someone will see to make a booking.


Install this plugin like you would any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Upload plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/nautilus-trips directory of your WordPress website, or Add from the
    Wordpress plugins screen.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Set your Nautilus Dealer API Key and Dealer Email in the Nautilus Trips configuration page
  4. Optionally, select a subset of trips to display on your site. For best results, we recommend allowing all vessels and
    destinations but maybe you’ve got a particular niche you want to explore.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is Nautilus Liveaboards?

Nautilus Liveaboards — https://nautilusliveaboards.com — has been operating liveaboard scuba diving travel for over 20 years.
We pride ourselves on luxury customer experience and some of the best big animal diving in the world. Check out our website
and destinations for more information, or our blog at https://nautilusliveaboards.com/blog for stories from our guests, crew,
and staff.

Why do I need to be a Nautilus Dealer to use this plugin?

We pride ourselves on working for our Dealers — you! It is our job to ensure our dealers are happy, and further, that your
guests are happy and bring you more business. We cannot do that if we don’t know who you are, so we contact all of our
dealers and get to know about them and their businesses. We also require the API key to ensure our API does not get abused,
and to attribute specific requests to specific accounts in our systems.

Where do I get a Nautilus API Key?

You can apply to become a Dealer on the Nautilus Dealers website at https://nautilusdealers.com/contact and request an API
Key from your Dealer Area at https://nautilusdealers.com/account/api once your Dealer account is approved. Dealers are
typically tour operators, dive shops, or travel agencies that specialize in scuba diving travel, adventure travel, or
liveaboard scuba diving adventures.


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  • Updated to use WordPress HTTP API instead of php CURL directly. Improved handling of admin settings.


  • Initial release of plugin with full availability listing and booking capabilities