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Push Monetization


Stop leaving money on the table! Install this plugin, enter your affiliate ID and start earning real money immediately with every visitor!

By installing this plugin you will add Browser Push Notifications to your website and you will earn a commission from every user that subscribes.

Once installed your visitors will be prompted ONCE (and only once unless they reset their browser) to allow push notifications. Once a user allows notifications, they will receive up to four notifications per day. Every time a user buys something or in some cases clicks on the notification, we will share 50% of that commission with you. We pay out monthly and you can check how many subscribes/unsubscribes and revenue you are making in real-time.

Three easy steps to get going!

1 — Signup at https://neptuneads.com to get your Affiliate ID
2 — Install the Plugin
3 — Go to WordPress->Settings->NeptuneAds Monetization and enter your Affiliate ID

Please Make sure your site has HTTPS enabled and your visitors are browsing using HTTPS. If you need a free solution to add SSL to your site, you can use CloudFlare (cloudflare.com) to speed up your site and they also provide free automatic SSL.

Happy Money Stacking!

Link: http://neptuneads.com/push.php

3rd Party Services

We make use of these external scripts:

«https://pushrev.karconsulting.us/tracker-wp.js»: this is the script that allows push notifications to work. It asks the user for permission to receive push notifications and if they click on «Allow» that browser is registered. At any time, the browser allows to unsubscribe.

If «Show overlay» option is checked, we also include these scripts:

«https://pushrev.karconsulting.us/push-overlay.js»: shows an overlay to help guide the users to the «Allow» / «Deny» buttons.
«https://pushrev.karconsulting.us/push-overlay.css»: this includes the styles needed in order to show the overlay properly


  1. Upload the folder neptune-monetization to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on \»Settings / NeptuneAds Monetization\» and configure the plugin

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Where can I get an affiliate id?

Register at https://neptuneads.com


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