Новый пользователь одобрен


New User Approve plugin automates the user registration process on your WordPress website.

Typically, the user registration process on a WordPress website is pretty straightforward. When a new user registers, their unique identity is created in the website’s database. An email is then sent to the new user that contains their login credentials. Simple as it can be, but it goes to say that there is plenty of room for customization.

Introducing New User Approve — a new way to register users on your WordPress website.

Here is how the process works with New User Approve:

  1. A user registers on the site, and their ID is created.
  2. An email is sent to the administrators of the site.
  3. An administrator is then given a choice to either approve or deny the registration request.
  4. An email is then sent to the user indicating whether they were approved or denied.
  5. If the user is approved, an email will be sent to them that includes their login credentials.
  6. Until the user is approved, they will not be able to login to the site.

Only approved users will be allowed to log in to the site. Thus, users waiting for approval or the ones rejected will not be able to login to the site — Simple, straightforward, and effective.

The user status can be updated even after the initial approval/denial request. The admin can search approve, deny and pending users. Also, users that have been created before the activation of Новый пользователь одобрен will be treated as approved users.

Latest Update — New User Approve v2.3

Automation Made Easier With Zapier
Zapier allows you to automate mundane tasks and processes without the need for a developer. Zapier uses a simple trigger and action for creating commands, which in the case of New User Approve are:

  • User Approved – Triggers when a user is approved.
  • User Denied – Triggers when a user is denied.

With Zapier, you can use the trigger events for applications like Gmail, Google Sheets, Slack and more.

Send Invitation Codes
Make the registration process easier by sending the invitation code to those who you want to skip the process altogether. People who user the invitation codes are auto-approved by the system.

The invitation codes will be genrated manually and work smoothly with WooCommerce’s registration mechanism. They can also be edited and deactivated at any time.

New User Approve v2.0 — Improved User Interface & Code Optimization
The overall interface has been revised and improved for a trendy, fresh, and minimal look. The latest design includes a whole new look and experience for the layout so your users can have an experience unlike any other.

The clean and easy user interface always helps the existing and the new customers gain confidence in your website.

New User Approve is compatible with WooCommerce, MemberPress, WP-Foro, Learndash, and Ultimate Member, BuddyPress, Zapier.

Фоловьте New User Approve на Github

Обещажки на newuserapprove.com.

Custom Actions & Filters
Новый пользователь одобрен can be customized using custom actions and filters. You can find out more about these by browsing the source code.

A commercial plugin that adds a config panel for customization is also available at https://newuserapprove.com/#PricePlan.

The code for this plugin is also available at Github https://github.com/wpexpertsio/new-user-approve. Pull requests are welcomed.

new_user_approve_user_status — modify the list of users shown in the tables
new_user_approve_request_approval_message — modify the request approval message
new_user_approve_request_approval_subject — modify the request approval subject
new_user_approve_approve_user_message — modify the user approval message
new_user_approve_approve_user_subject — modify the user approval subject
new_user_approve_deny_user_message — modify the user denial message
new_user_approve_deny_user_subject — modify the user denial subject
new_user_approve_pending_message — modify message user sees after registration
new_user_approve_registration_message — modify message after a successful registration
new_user_approve_register_instructions — modify message that appears on registration screen
new_user_approve_pending_error — error message shown to pending users when attempting to log in
new_user_approve_denied_error — error message shown to denied users when attempting to log in
nua_input_sanitize_hook’,$input,$current — enables you to sanitize and save custom fields
nua_pass_create_new_user’, $user_pass — modify the password being assiged to newly created user

new_user_approve_user_approved — after the user has been approved
new_user_approve_user_denied — after the user has been denied
new_user_approve_approve_user — when the user has been approved
new_user_approve_deny_user — when the user has been denied
nua_add_settings’, $this->option_page — enables you to add custom setting fields
nua_enqueue_scripts_for_settings — enables you to add custom scripts on settings page
nua_settings_main_tab’,$action — enables you to add custom settings tab


Click here to view the detailed technical documentation of New User Approve Free Version. The documentation includes a step-by-step configuration guide and troubleshooting.

New User Approve Pro Features
Download Premium from here

  • Ability to remove plugin stats from the admin dashboard.
  • Remove the admin panel from the WordPress dashboard specifically added to update user status.
  • Auto approve or reject users by adding them to Blacklist or Whitelist.
  • Customize the welcome message displayed above the WordPress login form.
  • Customize the «Pending error message» displayed to the user on the log-in page when their account is still pending approval.
  • Customize the «Denied error message» displayed to the user when their account is denied approval.
  • Customize the welcome message displayed above the WordPress registration form.
  • Customize the «registration complete» message displayed after the user submits the registration form for approval.
  • Ability To send notification emails to all admins.
  • Notify admins when a user’s status is updated.
  • Integration with Zapier — allow you to send data between Zapier and New User Approve.
  • Zapier trigger events for user approved and denied.
  • Create invitation codes for user registration form on BuddyPress.
  • Disable notification emails to current site admin.
  • Customize the email sent to admin/s when a user registers on the site.
  • Customize the email sent to the user when their profile is approved.
  • Customize the email sent to the user when their profile is denied.
  • Suppress denial notification(s).
  • Option to send all notification/s in the HTML format.
  • Different template tags can be used in Notification Emails and other messages.
  • Invitation codes to invite and approve users automatically.
  • Invitation codes can be generated manually and automatically.
  • Import invitation codes via CSV file.


Плагин готов к переводу. Если вы хотите помочь перевести плагин на свой язык, ознакомьтесь с файлом локализации / new-user-approve.pot, который содержит все определения и может использоваться с редактором gettext, таким как Poedit (Windows). Более подробную информацию можно найти на Codex.

  • Belarussian translation by Fat Cow
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation by leogermani
  • Болгарская локализация от spaszs
  • Catalan translation by xoanet
  • Croatian translation by Nik
  • Czech translation by GazikT
  • Danish translation by GeorgWP
  • Dutch translation by Ronald Moolenaar
  • Estonian translation by (Rait Huusmann)(https://profiles.wordpress.org/raitulja/)
  • Finnish translation by Tonttu-ukko
  • French translation by Philippe Scoffoni
  • German translation by Christoph Ploedt
  • Greek translation by Leftys
  • Hebrew translation by Udi Burg
  • Hungarian translation by Gabor Varga
  • Итальянская локализация от Pierfrancesco Marsiaj
  • Lithuanian translation by Ksaveras
  • Persian translation by alimir
  • Польская локализация от pik256
  • Romanian translation by Web Hosting Geeks
  • Russian translation by Alexey
  • Serbo-Croation translation by Web Hosting Hub
  • Словацкая локализация от Boris Gereg
  • Испанская локализация от Eduardo Aranda
  • Swedish translation by Per BjälevikThe code for this plugin is also available at Github — https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve. Pull requests welcomed.


  • User Registration Approval - Pending Users.
  • User Registration Approval - Approved Users.
  • User Registration Approval - Denied Users.
  • User Registration Approval - Zapier Settings.
  • Invitation Code Settings - Add Codes.
  • Invitation Code Settings - Settings.
  • Pro Features.


  1. Залейте new-user-approve в каталог wp-content/plugins
    Или найдите через (Plugins -> Add New -> search for ‘new user approve’)
  2. Активируйте плагин через меню «Плагины» в WordPress
  3. Не требуется настройка.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Почему я не получаю письма, когда регистрируется новый пользователь?

ПлагинNew User Approve юзает функции, предоставляемые WordPress для отправки электронной почты. Убедитесь, что ваш хост правильно настроен для отправки электронной почты.

Как настроить адрес электронной почты и/или имя при отправке уведомлений пользователям?

Это функция не плагина, а WordPress. WordPress предоставляет
wp_mail_from и wp_mail_from_name фильтры для настройки.
Также есть парочка плагинов, позволяющих поменять это на ваш вкус и цвет.

Чё со статусом юзера после деактивации плагина?

При отключении плагина, статус перестанет иметь значение.
Статус, используется плагином, и работает только с плагином.
Всем пользователям будет разрешено войти в систему, поскольку они имеют логины и пароли.

Are there any known issues with the New User Approve plugin?

We are aware of a few issues with multisite
1. The status filters on users.php do not work correctly
2. The bubble that shows next to the users link to show the number of pending users does not show


24.01.2024 2 ответа
Thanks for this plugin. Simple and reliable. I typically receive 2 email alerts for each new user query. Any suggestions to reduce that to 1?
Excellent Plugin! Simple to use and works Amazing right after Installation. Keep Creating. -UOOLS.ORG THANK YOU CREATOR
This is a great plugin for user approval. This helps spam accounts from registering because you would need to approve the accounts first. I was so happy of the quality of the free version, that I bought the pro version. I had a custom request and support helped me instantly! So great features, great support. 5/5 rating!
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Участники и разработчики

«Новый пользователь одобрен» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


«Новый пользователь одобрен» переведён на 10 языков. Благодарим переводчиков за их работу.

Перевести «Новый пользователь одобрен» на ваш язык.

Заинтересованы в разработке?

Посмотрите код, проверьте SVN репозиторий, или подпишитесь на журнал разработки по RSS.

Журнал изменений


  • Tested and Compatible up to WordPress v6.4.2


  • Fixed — Bug preventing the notice from showing on admin page.


  • Improvement — Updated Feedback library to the latest version.


  • Updated localization — pot file updated, French and Italian po mo updated.
  • Fixed — Approve button color issue.
  • Fixed — Duplicate text message on user registration by invitation code.
  • Fixed — Rest API notice.
  • Improvement — When using invitation code user will not be created if invition code is not given or incorrect invitation code is used.
  • Improvement — When user successfully registers via invitation code the welcome email not sent, instead Approve email is sent and success message appears.


  • Tweak – Security Fixes


  • Tweak – Code improvement


  • Added — Zapier Integration
  • Added — Filter Hook to Filter password before user creation.
  • Added — Search approve, deny and pending users.
  • Improvement — Code Optimization.


  • Updated Freemius SDK Version 2.4.3


  • Updated- Plugin menu.
  • Added- the invitation code functionality.
  • Improved backend UI.


  • Added filter to enable/disable auto login on WooCommerce checkout, by default it will be enabled.


  • Issue in user search functionality.


  • Freemius Library Updated.
  • ‘View all user’ filter not working in users page.
  • Disable auto login on WooCommerce checkout.


  • Upgrade to pro menu fixed.


  • Code optimization.


  • Added: Support for reCaptcha on default Login and Registration page.


  • Added: User registeration welcome email
  • Added: Action Hook — new_user_approve_after_registration
  • Added: Filter Hook for modify welcome email subject — new_user_approve_welcome_user_subject
  • Added: Filter Hook for modify welcome email message — new_user_approve_welcome_user_message


  • Updated Freemius SDK Version 2.4.1


  • Code Optimization


  • Tested upto WordPress version 5.5
  • Tested for compatibility with Memberpress
  • Added: Compatibility for WooCoommerce


  • Tested with WordPress 5.4
  • Code Optimization


  • Fixed: Formatting of readme.txt had line breaks where they should have been
  • Fixed: Fix how deny_user() gets user_email
    • Courtesy of jrequiroso
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/22
  • Fixed: Show unapproved user error message when the user attempts to reset password
  • Updated: Swedish translations
    • Courtesy of adevade
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/59
  • Updated: Updates to admin approval screen
    • Courtesy of adevade
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/60
  • Added: Don’t allow a super admin to be denied or approved
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/19
  • Added: readme.md to show content in github


  • Fixed: User status filter in admin was not using database prefix
    • Courtesy of Oizopower
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/50
  • Fixed: Оптимизирован список статуса пользователя, чтобы он мог использоваться со многими пользователями.
  • Обновлен переходный процесс для заполнения с помощью количества пользователей вместо списка пользователей
  • Изменение вывода количества пользователей на панели управления
  • Updated: Polish translations
  • Added: Missing string to translation file
  • Added: Bulgarian translation


  • Fixed: Corrected erroneous SQL query when filtering users
  • Fixed: User filters
    • Courtesy of julmuell
    • https://github.com/picklewagon/new-user-approve/pull/44
  • Fixed: Show a user status in the filters only if at least one user has that status


  • place content in metaboxes in place of dynamically pulling from website
  • tested with WordPress 4.3.1


  • tested with WordPress 4.1
  • fix translation bug
  • add bubble to user menu for pending users
    • Courtesy of howdy_mcgee
    • https://wordpress.org/support/topic/get-number-of-pending-users#post-5920371


  • fix code causing PHP notices
  • don’t show admin notice for registration setting if S2Member plugin is active
  • fix issue causing empty password in approval email
  • update translation files


  • email/message tags
  • refactor messages
  • send admin approval email after the user has been created
  • tested with WordPress 4.0
  • finish updates in preparation of option addon plugin


  • improve actions and filters
  • refactor messages to make them easier to override
  • show admin notice if the membership setting is turned off
  • fix bug preventing approvals/denials when using filter
  • add sidebar in admin to help with support
  • unit tests
  • shake the login form when attempting to login as unapproved user
  • updated French translation


  • tested with WordPress 3.9
  • fix bug preventing the notice from hiding on legacy page


  • fix bug that was preventing bulk approval/denials


  • add more translations


  • allow approval from legacy page


  • fix bug that prevents emails from being sent to admins


  • add filter for link to approve/deny users
  • add filter for adding more email addresses to get notifications
  • fix bug that prevents users to be approved and denied when requested
  • fix bug that prevents the new user email from including a password
  • fix bug that prevents search results from showing when searching users


  • fix link to approve new users in email to admin
  • fix bug with sending emails to new approved users


  • fix bug when trying to install on a site with WP 3.5.1


  • add more logic to prevent unwanted password resets
  • add more translations
  • minor bug fixes
  • use core definition of tabs
  • user query updates (requires 3.5)
  • add status attribute to user profile page
  • integration with core user table (bulk approve, filtering, etc.)
  • tested with WordPress 3.6
  • set email header when sending email
  • more filters and actions


  • fix password recovery bug if a user does not have an approve-status meta field
  • add more translations
  • протестировано в WordPress 3.5


  • удаление временных статусов юзеров при удалении пользователя


  • добавлены фильтры
  • honor the redirect if there is one set when registering
  • add actions for when a user is approved or denied
  • add a filter to bypass password reset
  • add more translations
  • добавлять количество юзеров по статусу в панели управления
  • хранение юзеров по статусу в переходном режиме


  • убран неиспользуемый screen_layout_columns фильтр
  • протестировано в WordPress 3.4


  • багфикс постоянного показа ошибки при логине


  • фикс бага разрешающего стрёмный пароль


  • add czech, catalan, romanian translations
  • фикс формата в readme.txt
  • add a filter to modify who has access to approve and deny users
  • remove deprecated function calls when a user resets a password
  • don’t allow a user to login without a password


  • use the User API to retrieve a user instead of querying the db
  • require at least WordPress 3.1
  • add validate_user function to fix authentication problems
  • добавлен новый перевод
  • get rid of plugin errors with WP_DEBUG set to true


  • фикс устаревшего кода поиска юзера


  • добавлен французский


  • добавлен греческий


  • добавлен датский


  • фикс локализации
  • добавлен польский


  • check for the existence of the login_header function to make compatible with functions that remove it
  • добавлены «Другие Записи» в readme.txt с локализациями.
  • добавлен белорусский


  • добавлена поддержка локализаций
  • добавлена лента изменений в readme.txt
  • удаление констант используемых в 2.6
  • correct the use of db prepare statements/use prepare on all SQL statements
  • add wp_enqueue_style for the admin style sheet


  • replace calls to esc_url() with clean_url() to make plugin compatible with versions less than 2.8


  • fix the admin ui tab interface for 2.8
  • добавлен линк на профиль юзера в админке
  • багфикс использования почты при восстановлении пароля
  • корректировка заголовка блога в login screen
  • use get_option() instead of get_settings()


  • fix approve/deny links
  • поправки форматирования сообщения админу при одобрении


  • поправлено сообщение об ошибке при пустой регистрации
  • добавлен линк опции в админке плагина
  • чистка кода
  • обновления стилей
  • если пользователь создан через интерфейс администратора, установить статус как одобренный, а не ожидающий
  • добавить аватары на страницу управления юзерами
  • улучшения использования SQL
  • Проверка существования юзера до старта
  • add nonces to approve and deny actions
  • Временный фикс пейджинации страниц