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So I love the plugin and think it's great that there are also updates. But I'm missing 1-2 options. For example, you have an overview of all likes. Or for example that you could change the icon or the font. Would even pay for extra. But please
I have my page and post IDs (I got them manually and with a plugin to make sure they were correct), but they don't actually work to exclude the "like" functionality from my pages. Using this plugin for my posts works just fine, but I also wanted the likes to show up on my website's Blog page in the excerpt of each post before the user clicks on them. This worked fine, however, it also adds a like button to my Home page when I do this. I have been unable to get the like functionality to work on my Blog page, but not my Home page. Other than this one feature not working, the plugin does everything else I want it to. Hopefully this feature will be fixed soon.
WordPress for me has been a long struggle of trying to get all of the customizations I want and spending hours trying to do it and ending up with like 80% and unhappy with my final product. Not the case with this. This plugin was easy to use and it worked and it made me happy when I got it to work the way I wanted it. Thank you!
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