Obi LearnDash Redirect


Redirect any non-enrolled users from the course page to the indicated sales page in the Button URL field when the course access mode is set as closed.
This takes into consideration non-authenticated users. Also, logged-in users that have not purchased the course yet, thus not enrolled in the course.

Let’s say you have a closed course, and payments controlled by WooCommerce.
Let’s also say that you have a beautiful sales page in place for your course with all the benefits your students get, and that you don’t want unerolled users accessing the Single Course Page.
Instead, you want them to easily reach your sales page.
Obi LearnDash Redirect plugin helps you with that.


  • PHP 8.0
  • LearnDash 4.5.3

Road Map

  • Add support for external URLs.
  • Add support for Groups (Coming in version 1.2).
  • Add an admin settings page to enable disable the redirect options.
  • WooCommerce > Add the inverse feature. If a user is already enrolled in a course, and they click the WooCommerce product link, get redirected to the Single Course Page respectively.
  • Add the inverse feature for internal pages (not WooCommerce).
  • Add proper notices in the admin area.


Simple yet effective plug and play solution to redirect un enrolled students from my course to the sales page
Lo estoy usando con un cliente que tiene LearnDash. Es una interesante alternativa para redirigir a los estudiantes de LearnDash de acuerdo sea el caso. Lo mejor es que con solo activarlo ya queda funcionando.
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Журнал изменений


  • Initial release.
  • Reditect users on closed courses.