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NC2WP Bookmarks


This plugin allows you to make use of your Nextcloud bookmarks in WordPress posts, pages or widgets. You can:

  • Make use of the Nextcloud Bookmarks App (Link to the newest version).
  • Access the Nextcloud database after configuring it like described in this tutorial section.
  • Use the shortcode [ nc2wpbm] to generate tables that contain Nextcloud Bookmarks that ared tagged with ‘public’.
  • Use the shortcode [ nc2wpbm tag=»example»] to generate tables that contain Nextcloud Bookmarks that ared tagged with ‘example’.
  • Use the shortcode [ nc2wpbm tag=»example, public»] to generate tables that contain Nextcloud Bookmarks that ared tagged with ‘example’ or ‘public’.
  • Use the shortcode [ nc2wpbm tag=»example, public» connector=»AND»] to generate tables that contain Nextcloud Bookmarks that ared tagged with both: ‘example’ AND ‘public’.
  • Configure the layout of the table.
  • Display a list of bookmarks out of your owncloud instance in the widget areas by using the widget ‘Nextcloud Bookmarks’ that can be found in the backend menu of your WordPress instance under /Design/Widgets

find more in this tutorial


  1. Decide for one operation mode
  2. If you wish to make use of the Nextcloud App operation mode ensure that on your Nextcloud server php5-curl is running and that the Nextcloud Bookmarks App is supporting the REST API (> Nextcloud Version 8.0)
  3. Download and copy the plugin into the folder /wp-content/plugins/ of your WordPress instance
  4. Activate the plugin by making use of the /Plugin area in the WordPress backend menu.
  5. go to /Settings/OC2WP Bookmarks and configure the operation mode of the plugin
  6. put the shortcode [ nc2wp] into the page or post that should contain a table of bookmarks that are tagged with ‘public’
  7. go to /Design/Widgets and drag & drop the Nextcloud Bookmarks Widget to the widget area where a list of Bookmarks should be displayed. Configure the widget .

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are there preconditions that my Nextcloud instance has to satisfy?

The server running your owncloud instance needs to run php5-curl. Furthermore you need to activate the Bookmarks App in your Nextcloud instance which supports the REST API (> Nextcloud 8.0 or see here ).

Which operation mode is appropriate?

In general it is recommended to use the Nextcloud App mode. The MySQL mode only is for those appropriate who whish to access the Bookmarks of all users of an Nextcloud instance or those that cannot change the Nextcloud Bookmarks App.

How to configure the OC mode

Enter the credentials of the Nextcloud account that owns the Bookmarks that should be published.


This plugin is currently only available in English but you can set the title of the generated tables and of the widget to your own needs in your own language.

What are the shortcodes to embed a table containing the Nextcloud Bookmarks into posts or pages?
  • embed those Bookmarks that are tagged with ‘public’: [ nc2wpbm]
  • embed those Bookmarks that contain one out of a set of tags (in this case ‘public’ or ‘example’): [ nc2wpbm tags=”public, example”]
  • embed those Bookmarks that contain a specific set of Bookmars (in this case ‘public’ AND ‘example’): [ nc2wpbm tags=”public, example” connector=”AND”]
Can the content of the widget be customized?

Specifying tags in the field ‘Tags of bookmarks to be displayed’ will list all those bookmarks that contain one of the tags specified. If only those bookmarks should be displayed that contain all of those tags activate the checkbox ‘Bookmark has to contain all tags (AND connector)’. Furthermore you can determine the lenght of the list and additional content like tags or the description (e. g. displayed as mouseover text).

Can the layout of the widget be customized?

In the style.css of your theme you can use the classes nc2wp-row, nc2wp-row-title and nc2wp-description to set the layout.

What are the next steps for this plugin

Currently I am working to enhance the sorting capabilites. Further suggestions are welcome!


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Журнал изменений


  • Enabled update from oc2wp to newer versions


  • Fixed widget problems
  • Sanitized and escaped in- and output data
  • added nonce for the configuration page


  • Encryption of passwords
  • adapted for PHP 7
  • adapted for WP5


  • Added functionality for widgets.


  • Very first version enabling to connect via SQL or the Nextcloud Plugin REST API to the Nextcloud instance using the tags.