Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Ecommerce SMS Plugin


Octopush SMS allows the admin to send SMS Marketing (bulk SMS) and Transactional (Alert SMS) easily within Woocommerce.


  • Send SMS worldwide
  • Send SMS to admin for events as: account creation, new order, product out of order…
  • Send SMS to customers for events as: new order (order confirmation), account creation (welcome message), status modification, forget password, coupons…
  • Activate / Desactivate these events independently
  • Alfanumeric sender ID allows you to brand your message (up to 11 caracters)
  • Mailing allows you to better address customers
  • History of sendings (time, message, number you sent, events, sending status (Sending, in process, delivered)
  • Monitor your remaining credit from the SMS sending platform
  • Remaining credit alert
  • Daily report of your e-commerce activity
  • Automatically bill (or not) your customers to receive SMS customer support

This extension is FREE. You have to create an account on Octopush to activate the extension and send SMS For more information: www.octopush.com


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload octopush-sms.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip octopush-sms.zip
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Do I need an account ?

Yes, you need an octopush account to send sms. You can create an account on octopush.


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Журнал изменений


  • Initial release.


  • Support for wordpress 4.7.2 and woocommerce 2.6.11.


  • Bug resolved: jquery datepicker on campaign page
  • Bug resolved: correct search for customers


  • Bug alert on sms amount
  • Bug duplicate campaign
  • Buh campaign’s price in history tab
  • Support for wordpress 4.7.3 and woocommerce 2.7


  • Add campaign’s recipients by user’s role
  • Bug admin’s display
  • Support for wordpress 4.8.3 and woocommerce 3.2.3
  • Update translation


  • Support for wordpress 5.3 and woocommerce 3.8.1


  • Support for wordpress 5.4 and woocommerce 3.9.3
  • Replaced the plugin’s name with «woocommerce-octopush-sms»
  • Added features i.e «Test my credentials» and «Send test SMS to my phone».
  • Removed extra descriptions of the admin pages.
  • Updated fields text.
  • Changed layout.


  • Support for wordpress 6.1 and woocomerce 7.0
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • Change layout