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GarageTool.app Request a Quote


This plugin makes it very fast, simple, and easy to request quotes and estimates from your WordPress site. Engage and follow up with leads and turn them into customers.

How to use GarageTool.app Request a Quote

You must have a GarageTool.app account to use this plugin

  1. Get your token from your GarageTool.app account.

  2. Now go to your WordPress dashboard.

  3. Find the plugin in the WordPress menu under Settings > Request a Quote

  4. Just paste your code in the box and click the Save button.

  5. Go to any page where you want to add the widget. Add short code [ooboo_quote_plugin]

  6. Finally send customers to your page to generate leads and view them in your GarageTool.app account.


Easy Installation.
5 minutes to setup

Capture leads.
Get email addresses and phone numbers of potentials customers so you can follow up later.

Save Time.
Send your potential customers to your website so that you don’t have to waste time entering their
information for potentials quotes and they can enter it for you.

Collect Vehicle Info.
If you are an automotive shop, you can collect your customer’s vehicle info, so you know what type
of car you will need to be working on


  • Request a Quote Widget minimized
  • Request a Quote Widget maximized
  • Embed form version of widget


Note: You will need an GarageTool.app account : Create one here!.

You can find the plugin in the WordPress menu under Settings > Request a Quote


  1. Go to the Plugins menu in WordPress
  2. Search for GarageTool.app Request a Quote
  3. Install and activate the plugin


  1. Upload garagetool_request_quote directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Configure plugin (go to the Settings/Request a Quote)

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q. What is GarageTool.app?

A. GarageTool.app is a web based SAAS application that allows businesses to send quotes/estimates to their customers for services they are selling. They can then collect payments for those quotes/estimates and schedule those jobs/services.

Q. Do I need a GarageTool.app account to use this plugin?

A. Yes, you can create an account at https://www.garagetool.app

Q. What does GarageTool.app let me do?

A. GarageTool.app adds a quote plugin tool to your site so, so that vistors who are interested in your product can request a quote or estimate from you. You can view these possible leads by signing into your GarageTool.app account.

Q. I need help / i want to suggest something

A. Please feel free to contact me support[AT]garagetool.app


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