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Optimization Tools | ItnYou


Hi! Our plugin created for sites optimization purposes.
With Optimization Tools | ItnYou you can:
* remove duplicates of the category page
Currently, WordPress creates duplicates of singular pages, the reason for this is the presence of pagination on category pages and if you add the page number for your singular page — you will have the same result as without pagination params. «Optimization Tools | ItnYou» can fix your problem with one click!
Attention! This function uses 404.php template file of current theme for showing 404 pages. If haven’t this file, the plugin will print the next text «Sorry, this page does not exists!» on white screen.
* expand your Yoast SEO JSON LD of Organization
Currently Yoast SEO plugin can show «Organization Micro Data», but Yoast SEO plugin can show only the logo & title of your company.
Optimization Tools | ItnYou expanded the Yoast SEO capability and can help you to add the organization phones and/or organization emails.
* remove type=»text/script» or «text/css» from your site.
Currently, WordPress adds these attributes in script & style tags, but the W3C HTML5 validator recommend removing these attributes. Our plugin does this for you!
* replacing of the current menu item (link) for span-tag.
All SEO-companies recommend removing cyclical links for better site ranking. For this purpose you can make new Menu Walker, but «Optimization Tools | ItnYou» can make this for you!

«Optimization Tools | ItnYou» has been created for systematize WordPress optimization. Problems, which can be solved with «Optimization Tools | ItnYou», often found in SEO audits and cause a lot of problems for everyone, but we can solve for them.
The first version of «Optimization Tools | ItnYou» contains very little part of possible issue fixes. The next versions of our plugin, will be contains more solving of your sight problems. Follow for our updates!


  1. Download the archive with this plugin
  2. Unzip the archive to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are you going to release new versions of the plugin?

Yes, we are going to release new versions. Most likely, new versions will be published once a week.

May I ask you to improve your plugin?

Yes, you can contact me in any of the ways and, if your ideas coincide with the general idea of the plugin, the ideas will be implemented.


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Журнал изменений


  • Added «remove script/style type arg» function
  • Added «expand Yoast SEO Organization Micro Data» function
  • Added «replace a to span in WordPress Menu» function
  • Added «remove singular page duplicates» function