Orange Form


Fast Secure Contact Form provide much powerfull feature into wordpress. if you want to contact form, reservation form, calculate form and kind of form than you can use orange form plugin.

Plugin allow to save all record in database if any submit form than record store in database. Setup field with drag and drop with up-down in form.

This form work as fast secure contact form plugin in wordpress because we can able to setup there google captcha as well field you want to add than can be add in your contact form.

🔸 Simple Form
🔸 Calculator form with Gradient Background Color
🔸 Event Form With Background Image
🔸 All field with form
🔸 Simple Form with background


  • Drag & drop builder
  • Field validations With Custom Message
  • Email Notification with visitor and administrator
  • Standard Fields, Advaced Fields, Calculate Fields, Post Fields
  • Create Post Creation Form
  • Color Customization and many another settings
  • Responsive Form
  • Import Design Option

⭐ Standard Fields

Standard Fields using with simple field in our form. It include as common field of standard field to using below Fields. It make to simple form as we provide in demo.

♦ Text
♦ Radio
♦ Checkbox
♦ Select box
♦ Number
♦ Textarea
♦ Images

⭐ Advanced Fields

Advanced Fields using with adavance field in our form. it make Name field, Phone with with elegant form for adavanced fields.

♦ Name
♦ Phone
♦ Date
♦ Email
♦ Address
♦ Website
♦ Time
♦ Range Slider
♦ Captcha
♦ Wysiwyg Editor

⭐ Calculate Fields

Calculate Fields Provide easy to make Loan Calaculation, Booking Calaculation, Math Calaculation. Cost calculator can be Calaculation price base on text, checkbox , radio and select box base adding price with prefix in WordPress site.


♦ Number
♦ Radio
♦ Checkbox
♦ Select
♦ Calculator

⭐ Posts Fields

Posts Fields using with insert data into Post type which selected in Orange Form in settings. so it make insert Post in form with custom settings.

♦ Post Title
♦ Post Description
♦ Post Image
♦ Post Excerpt



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