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Orders Pro


Professionally Customize admin-side orders page and enjoy it.

The plugin will help you to:

have Better orders preview with necessary information.
You can have a list of ordered products.
In Mobile, the list of orders gives you information such as total prices, address, operations, etc.

  • Why the preview should be professional?

Order preview gives you detailed information about the orders.
It helps a lot if we get more information from the preview, even for the packaging we use in this part, it makes less mistakes.
Display image of order items (product).
Display and stock management of order items (stock status such as “shortage in stock”, “in stock” with quantity and…) ( premium )
View and change the current price of order items.
Display the price of items (normally the preview only shows the total).
Display the name of the seller of the ordered items if using the shop.
Display product ID and category name of order items.

  • List of ordered products:

On this page, you will enter a list of ordered products with the desired status (processing, completed, on-hold and etc.).
In this section, the image, name, quantity ( premium ), price ( premium ) and order number ( premium ) of the customer are displayed
This section will help you with other things you need:
You can easily prepare the products before you start packing

  • Mobile order page settings:

In mobile mode, the order list in usual mode shows the order ID along with the name, date and status of your order. By installing this plugin you can, in addition to other items, also provide information such as:

The price of the total order address, along with the payment method

Show actions, such as (completion, etc.)

Seller name if you use the Dokan.


Stablized the plugin
Fixed some bugs


Fixed issues with ordered products page


  • Order preview
  • Orders (product) page
  • Orders on mobile


From the WP admin panel, click “Plugins” -> “Add new”.
In the browser input box, type “Orders Pro”.
Select the “Orders Pro” plugin and click “Install”.
Activate the plugin.

Download the plugin from this page.
Save the .zip file to a location on your computer.
Open the WP admin panel, and click “Plugins” -> “Add new”.
Click “upload”.. then browse to the .zip file downloaded from this page.
Click “Install”.. and then “Activate plugin”.

Download the plugin from this page.
Extract the .zip file to a location on your computer.
Use either FTP or your hosts cPanel to gain access to your website file directories.
Browse to the wp-content/plugins directory.
Upload the extracted OrdersPro folder to this directory location.
Open the WP admin panel.. click the “Plugins” page.. and click “Activate” under the newly added “OrdersPro” plugin.


Its was amazing plugin and suggest all of you to install it
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