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OurRoots is a database management system for genealogical records.
The database management system is open-source and hosted on GitHub.
This WordPress plugin defines an our-roots short-code that embeds the search client from the database management system into a WordPress-based website.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How can I learn about how to use the OurRoots database management system?

Videos are available on YouTube

How can I use this plugin?

In order to use this plugin you need to host the back-end on your AWS account. This costs about $150/month.
If you are interested, please contact dallan at ourroots.org.

How can I get support?

Email dallan at ourroots.org

How can I modify the search client?

The javascript code found in the js directory of this plugin is a minified Vue application available in this Github repository.
You can do most modifications by passing various parameters into the short-code or by modifying the CSS without touching the javascript.
Buf if you want to do more — if you want to view or modify the unminified javascript that is embedded via the short-code, read these instructions.


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Журнал изменений


  • Prepare to publish plugin on WordPress plugins directory


  • Minor changes to satisfy WordPress plugins directory requirements


  • Sort category/collection facets alphabetically
  • New global settings flag to display names as surname, given
  • allow span with style tags to pass sanitization


  • Fix faceting bug


  • Previous update didn’t include the fix for some reason


  • Update wordpress-tested version to 6.1; include fix from 1.0.12


  • Apply flag to display names as surname, given to record detail page


  • Previous update didn’t include the fix


  • Show html in given and surnames
  • Avoid error when there are no search results
  • Make category names clickable to close them when they are opened
  • Add gutter space between events and relationships in search results
  • Ensure date range checkbox always shows up


  • Update documentation that hosting is no longer available. Societies can use this plugin if they host the back-end on AWS.


  • Revert API_BASE_URL to https://db.ourroots.org/api


  • API_BASE_URL can be specified by the user as Admin Domain in plugin settings


  • Fix typo in jwto_admin_domain


  • Add logging


  • Default token expiration to 7 days


  • Correct version


  • add thousands separator
  • more margin above name search options
  • add $$today$$ citation keyword