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Page restriction and Post Restriction provides content control for WordPress sites. This provides Page Restriction and Post Restriction i.e.
Control on content access based on User Roles. You can Protect content by setting consents for single entity users on WordPress sites based on their roles. Here a user role has permission to get to a page; the authorization enables access to that user. By default, all roles will have access to a page.
It also allows providing content access to only Logged In Users to specific or all pages and posts. Logged out users see an error message letting them know that they do not have access to look into the content on the particular page.

Besides Page Restrictions, we also provide Post Restrictions (Content restriction) feature which helps to Protect content by Restricting access for posts on logged in/out status to users or specific user roles. Our WordPress Post restrictions feature also helps you to Restrict access in categories to logged in/out users or specific user roles. We Display a custom message to users who do not have permission to view the content or redirect them to a specified URL. In our Page restriction, Post restriction Plugin our Individual Posts feature will enable protection for default posts as well as custom post types.

We provide integration with SAML Single Sign-On (SAML SSO) and OAuth Single Sign-On (OAuth SSO) which helps in Protecting content by restricting content access to only those users who are authenticated by the configured Identity Provider or the Identity Server


  • Page restriction: Control content access / Protect content access by applying page restriction on all or specific pages of your site.
  • Post restriction: Restrict access for individual posts. Restrict all, none or specific posts on your site.
  • Role-based restriction: Protect content by Restricting pages/posts on your WordPress site based on WordPress user roles.
  • Require Login: Restrict content by making compulsory for the user to login to access all or specific content on the site.
  • Restrict Pages/Posts while Creating (Meta Box): This provides page restriction and post restriction options to users while creating and editing posts/pages. This shows all the site’s user roles based on which page restriction and post restriction can be made. The meta box also asks if login is required to access the page/post.
  • Static Error Message: Protect content by restricting users who do not have permission to view the content by redirecting to a static / default error message


  • All features of free version
  • Post Category restrictions: Page restriction WordPress plugin controls the visibility of content for post categories without the hassle of editing every post on your site and defining the restrictions individually to logged in/out users or specific user roles
  • Restrict access to Meta Box: Restrict Access to the custom Meta Box based on user roles. This allows you to have control over who can restrict access to a page or post while creating/editing content.
  • Custom Error Message: Restrict users who do not have permission to view the content by displaying a custom error message.
  • Redirect Restricted user to WP Login Page: Redirects users who do not have permission to view the content to WordPress default login page (redirects to page/post after login)
  • Restrict Category based on User’s Login Status: Restricting content based on user’s logged in/out status and after successful authentication, redirect back to the restricted page.
  • Redirect Restricted User to a URL: Users trying to access a restricted page (content restrict) will be redirected to a specific page URL. This post restriction / page restriction option lets you modify the behaviour of restricted pages and posts.
  • Page Post restriction Plugin Integration with SAML/OAuth SSO: This page restriction and post restriction feature allows Protected content access to only the users who have been authenticated by the configured IdP. Allows redirecting not logged in users to your Identity Provider /Oauth Server login page.


Managing a website is easier than ever nowadays. Do you have content you only want certain WordPress users to access? Now you can manage content for specific users as well as control or restrict access for certain groups.

Page restrictions and Post restrictions permit you to control / protect who can see as well as alter restrictions on individual pages in a space.
We energetically suggest investigating your site needs and provide you the miniOrange Page Restriction WordPress plugin specially designed for integrating with WordPress Sites to keep your website safe with a user-friendly experience at an affordable price.


  • Restrict access to complete site: Our Page and Post restriction plugin helps to Protect content on your WordPress site and its feed make it completely private with more flexibility to restrict to private pages. This is very useful for intranet sites.
  • Unlimited content restriction: Page Restriction WordPress provides granular access to your content by applying restrictions on unlimited pages and posts on your site.
  • Supports custom post types: You can even restrict access to custom post types which gives you complete control over your content on WordPress
  • Multiple User Roles: Page and Post restriction plugin can provide one, two, or even more roles to any pages. Multiple roles could be assigned to pages/posts simultaneously.
  • Inherited Restrictions: Page and Post restriction plugin helps you to make content restrictions as easy as possible by reflecting the changes down to child pages/posts when a restriction is applied to the parent one.
  • Customize redirect: Helps you integrate the plugin seamlessly by allowing you to customize restricted messages and choose login authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) redirecting to the IDP login page and redirecting to the WP login page.
  • Easy to use: Ease to set up and designed with user-friendly interfaces or Ease of use with protected content integrates User management and role-based content access
  • Multi-level content access: The option to hide content from different user roles and even nested pages
  • Restrict Anonymous/Other users: Our Page and Post restriction plugin limits anonymous/other user roles to your site who are logged in from accessing site content.


miniOrange has various types of deployments that give the customer a safe and protective choice. miniOrange offers a plugin, Cloud, and On-premise server module. We provide a reliable plugin with extended functionality in a cost-beneficial manner to Protect content on your WordPress sites. Our Page restriction WordPress, Post restriction plugin for WordPress sites, carries a lot of features within it like protecting posts, pages, custom post types. . If you’re looking for a greater amount of administrative control over your WordPress website in a cost-efficient manner miniOrange is best with the powerful content restriction feature.


Page restriction WordPress — Protect WP Pages/Posts is built by miniOrange. We create high-quality WordPress plugins that help you grow your WordPress sites.
Check out our website for other plugins or click here to see all our listed WordPress plugins.


Our Page restriction WordPress — Protect WP Pages/Posts plugin for WordPress comes with detailed setup guidelines with ensured content, expectations to make sure you don’t get lost along the way.


If you are still nervous about your website security or how the plugin would work for you specifically, customized solutions and Active support are available. You can always Contact Us, or Email us at and we would be happy to help you out.


  • Restrict Access to Posts/Pages based on User Roles.
  • Restrict Access to only Logged in Users.
  • Restrict Access to Meta-box based on User Roles.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for Page Restriction WordPress. Find and Install Page Restriction WordPress.
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.


  1. Download Page Restriction WordPress plugin.
  2. Unzip and upload the page-and-post-restriction directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Page and Post Restriction from your Plugins page.


The plugin works like a charm! Support helped me setup the plugin in my own environment, these guys are just awesome!
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