Payment Form for PayPal Pro


This plugin is for integrating PayPal Pro to accept credit cards directly into your website without navigating to a PayPal hosted payment page.

The PayPal integration available in this plugin requires a PayPal Pro account.

If you aren’t sure if you have a PayPal Pro account or if you are looking for a classic PayPal Standard integration then use the CP Contact Form with PayPal plugin.

You can check the differences betwen PayPal Pro and PayPal Standard at

Special note: This plugin has been developed by an Official PayPal Partner.

With Payment Form for PayPal Pro you can insert a form into a WordPress website and use it to process credit card payments directly into your website without navigating to an external payment page.

This plugin uses the PayPal Pro API to process the credit cards. The credit card related data is used only to process the payment through the payment API, it isn’t stored in the website for keeping it secure.

Once the user has filled the form fields and clicks the submit button the payment is processed and the posted data (excluding the credit card related information) is saved into the WordPress database. The website administrator (the email indicated from the settings) will receive an email with the form data and the user will receive a confirmation/thank you email.


  • Supports PayPal Pro to accept payments directly into your website without navigating to PayPal
  • Supports many contact forms into the same WP website, each one with its own prices and settings.
  • You can customize the notification email details, including from address, subject and content.
  • Includes optional captcha verification.
  • Supports HTML formatted emails (*)
  • Can be tested with the PayPal Sandbox
  • Exports the submissions to CSV/Excel
  • Developer by an Official PayPal Partner.

Proffesional Version Features:

The following features aren’t part of the free version. The following features are present only in the pro version

  • Visual form builder: The free version includes the payment form with an email field plus the required PayPal fields. If you need a different form you should opt for the commercial version.
  • In the commercial version PayPal Standard is supported in addition to PayPal Pro.

If you are interested in a version with the pro features you can get it here:

Language Support

The Payment Form for PayPal Pro plugin is compatible with all charsets. The troubleshoot area contains options to change the encoding of the plugin database tables if needed.

Translations are supported through PO/MO files located in the Payment Form for PayPal Pro plugin folder «languages».

The following translations are already included in the plugin:

  • Afrikaans (af)
  • Albanian (sq)
  • Arabic (ar)
  • Armenian (hy_AM)
  • Azerbaijani (az)
  • Basque (eu)
  • Belarusian (be_BY)
  • Bosnian (bs_BA)
  • Bulgarian (bg_BG)
  • Catalan (ca)
  • Central Kurdish (ckb)
  • Chinese (China zh_CN)
  • Chinese (Taiwan zh_TW)
  • Croatian (hr)
  • Czech (cs_CZ)
  • Danish (da_DK)
  • Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Esperanto (eo_EO)
  • Estonian (et)
  • Finnish (fi)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • Galician (gl_ES)
  • Georgian (ka_GE)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Greek (el)
  • Gujarati (gu_IN)
  • Hebrew (he_IL)
  • Hindi (hi_IN)
  • Hungarian (hu_HU)
  • Indian Bengali (bn_IN)
  • Indonesian (id_ID)
  • Irish (ga_IE)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Korean (ko_KR)
  • Latvian (lv)
  • Lithuanian (lt_LT)
  • Macedonian (mk_MK)
  • Malay (ms_MY)
  • Malayalam (ml_IN)
  • Maltese (mt_MT)
  • Norwegian (nb_NO)
  • Persian (fa_IR)
  • Polish (pl_PL)
  • Portuguese Brazil(pt_BR)
  • Portuguese (pt_PT)
  • Punjabi (pa_IN)
  • Русский (ru_RU)
  • Romanian (ro_RO)
  • Serbian (sr_RS)
  • Slovak (sk_SK)
  • Slovene (sl_SI)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Tagalog (tl)
  • Tamil (ta)
  • Thai (th)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)
  • Украинский (uk)
  • Vietnamese (vi)


New features has been published in the current Payment Form for PayPal Pro version 1.0.2 based on the feedback received and we would like to thank you all the people that have supported the development, provided feedback and feature requests. The plugin is currently over the 4000 downloads/installations and a new set of updates is already being prepared, any feature requests will be welcome. Thank you!


  • PayPal Pro Forms List
  • PayPal Pro Form Settings
  • Inserting a PayPal Pro form into a page
  • Sample


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  • Payment Form for PayPal Pro


To install Payment Form for PayPal Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Download and unzip the Payment Form for PayPal Pro plugin
  2. Upload the entire paypal-payment-pro-form/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the Payment Form for PayPal Pro plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Configure the PayPal contact form settings at the administration menu >> Settings >> Payment Form for PayPal Pro
  5. To insert the PayPal contact form into some content or post use the icon that will appear when editing contents

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: Where can I find more info about this plugin?

A: The product’s page contains more information:

Q: Where can I publish the PayPal Pro form with the PayPal button?

A: You can publish the PayPal contact forms / PayPal button into pages, posts and as a widget in the sidebar.

Q: I’m not receiving the emails after PayPal payment.

A: Try first using a «from» email address that belongs to your website domain, this is the most common restriction applied in most hosting services.

If that doesn’t work please check if your hosting service requires some specific configuration to send emails from PHP/WordPress websites. The plugin uses the settings specified into the WordPress website to deliver the emails, if your hosting has some specific requirements like a fixed «from» address or a custom «SMTP» server those settings must be configured into the WordPress website.

Q: Are the forms GDPR compliant?

A: In all plugin versions you can turn off IP tracking to avoid saving that user info. Full GDPR compliant forms can be built using the commercial versions of the plugin.


04.01.2024 1 ответ
Quieren dar un «demo» pero no se puede hacer nada. ¿Cómo creen que vamos a comprar algo sin verlo? por otro lado, es muy feo el diseño, en ningún lugar se colocan las credenciales del sandbox de paypal así que también puede ser un fraude. Si toca colocar las credenciales en un tercero, habrá priblemas.
30.07.2019 1 ответ
I think paypal has help business transanctions grow worldwide. Thanks for PayPal Checkout pro
27.09.2017 1 ответ
They are displaying picture to mislead people to install and than it says buy Premium. People like you in this forum waste too much time for users.
This plugin works just fine. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. I ended up purchasing the Pro version & It works great. The first transaction we ran posted into our paypal pro account without any hassle. Support was prompt to answer my questions. At first I almost didn’t purchase the plugin because of the negative reviews. Those 2 people don’t know what they are talking about. They were just upset they didn’t get all the cool stuff in the free version. That’s like getting a free car for your birthday & then complaining its not a Lamborghini. Some people just expect free hand outs in life & we all know that’s not how life works. Again, the plugin works great & support was prompt to respond. That’s really all you can ask for in a WordPress plugin. Good job on the plugin! 😀
24.01.2017 1 ответ
Forms are Only works in premium version. their are no use of this plugin
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