4Geeks Payments for WooCommerce


Accept online payments on WooCommerce via 4Geeks Payments in minutes, no days.
It support major credit cards brands like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, issued globally.
You control everything, at everytime. Backed by a friendly Dashboard to get updates on the go.

Find your API Keys on Dashboard, under Profile section.
Follow this guide to setup online payments processing features to your WooCommerce instance.

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Automatic payouts

Get deposits into your bank account automatically at every single week,
for free. No matter what bank is. Run your business on autopilot and see your money come in.

Global support

Get paid from global customers with ease, in seconds.

Multiple currencies

Process charges and display prices in USD and CRC.


No hidden fees. No monthly or initial costs. Only 5.5% + $0.30 USD per successful transaction.

Current version features

  • Credit and Debit Card implemented
  • Sandbox testing capability.
  • Automatic order status management

Please find more information or get help in Documentatio.
Feel free to join the community to connect with other developers and sellers.


  • Make sure that you have at least PHP Version 5.4
  • Upload the plugin zip file in Plugins > Add New and then click «Install Now»
  • Once installed, activate the plugin.
  • Add your API keys in Woocommerce > Settings > Checkout.


Es una excelente pasarela de pago y muy buena opción, te dan todo lo que uno realmente necesita, demasiado y super recomendado.
Este plugin funciona a la perfección para procesar mis pagos con Woocommerce. Además 4Geeks tienen un excelente servicio al cliente. Recomendado.
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  • Readme update


  • Set new plugin icon and banner


  • Tested to 5.7.2.


  • Tested to 5.2.2.


  • Errors handler.
  • Errors multiple language.


  • Online payments — Simple charge.
  • Sandbox testing capability.