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Paymentwall for Woocommerce


Paymentwall is the leading all-in-one global payments platform for digital goods and services and supports more than 100 popular local payment options and 75+ currencies, making it easy to monetize globally in more 200+ countries with a single simple integration. Paymentwall is a privately-held company that’s growing fast. It’s headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Kiev, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin and Manilla and is opening offices in Bejing, Hanoi and Sao Paolo.

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  • Screenshot 1 — Paymentwall Settings Page


  1. Upload paymentwall-woocommerce directory to the plugins directory.
  2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate «Paymentwall for Woocommerce»
  3. On the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, navigate to «WooCommerce —> Settings». Click on the Payment Gateways tab. Paymentwall should already be available as an option.
  4. Click on Paymentwall from the options below the WooCommerce tabs, and check Enable the Paymentwall Payment Gateway Solution.
  5. Enter your project and secret keys, widget code, and fill up the other options.
    • The Project key and Secret key are located in your «Paymentwall Merchant Area —> My Projects».
    • The Widget Code is located at the Widgets page.
  6. Click the Save Changes button

View our full installation guide: https://docs.paymentwall.com/modules/woocommerce

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Extremely slow, bureaucratic process. Registration is now taking more than 3 months for us. Whenever I complete a required task, they get back to me with two more things. When asked how long the approval will take, I get a shady answer that has nothing to do with reality.
I’ve been using the plugin and it’s pretty good. One of the things I like is that the plugin CVVs for different scenario in CC processing, which other payment gateways don’t have.
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Журнал изменений

v1.6.3 [16/11/2018]

  • Remove IP Whitelist

v1.6.2 [31/10/2018]

  • Update IP white list

v1.6.1 [10/11/2017]

  • Add support for Payment Token API

v1.6.0 [20/10/2017]

  • Add support for Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin
  • Add backward compatibility for Woocommerce version 2.1 — 2.7

v1.5.5 [03/10/2017]

  • Add backward compatibility for PHP version <5.5

v1.5.4 [27/09/2017]

  • Update and replace deprecated functions

v1.5.3 [19/09/2017]

  • Update delivery confirmation API

v1.5.2 [28/07/2017]

  • Add validation for checkout page

v1.5.1 [17/07/2017]

  • Update module for Woocommerce 3.1
  • Fix jquery conflict with other plugin
  • Add icons for Brick in checkout page
  • Add user profiles parameter API for better risk tracking

v1.5.0 [25/04/2017]

  • Update for Woocommerce 3.0

v1.4.0 [27/03/2017]

  • Update pingback for Brick
  • Fix subscription for Brick

v1.3.4 [19/01/2017]

  • Update pingback for Brick
  • Change style confirm 3ds

v1.3.3 [20/12/2016]

  • Update Platform ID for PwLocal

v1.3.2 [30/06/2016]

  • Update 3D Secure for Brick

v1.3.1 [16/12/2015]

  • Update latest Paymentwall PHP lib
  • Fix error cannot checkout

v1.3.0 [25/11/2015]

  • Add Brick subscription support.
  • Fix some minor bugs

v1.2.0 [11/09/2015]

  • Update latest Paymentwall PHP lib
  • Add Brick Credit Card processing support
  • Source codes refactoring

v1.0.1 [04/08/2015]

  • Support WordPress 4.3
  • Update latest Paymentwall PHP lib
  • Add User Profile API support


  • Init plugin version