Perfect Brands for WooCommerce


Perfect WooCommerce Brands is a perfect tool to organize your site, highlight the brands you have, and also helps as a filter for your customers at UX exploration. PWB extendes the product’s description and presentation at your e-commerce site.


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Хотим мы этого или нет, но мы все находимся под влиянием брендов. Бренды гарантируют качество, заслуживая доверие своих потребителей.
Необходимо работать с брендами товаров для увеличения продаж и повышения доверия к вашему сайту электронной коммерции.
С этим расширением вы можете добавить бренды/производителей товаров на ваш сайт на базе WooCommerce.


  • PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP7 recommended)
  • WordPress 4.7 or higher
  • WooCommerce 3.1.0 or higher


  • Очень прост в использовании, 100% бесплатен, никакой рекламы, никаких премиум версий
  • Привязка брендов к товарам
  • Ассоциация баннера и ссылки для каждого бренда
  • Translation-ready
  • Поддерживает Visual Composer
  • Минималистичный дизайн и полностью адаптивный
  • Очень лёгкий
  • Шорткод: Отображать все бренды
  • Шорткод: Отображать карусель брендов
  • Шорткод: Показывать карусель по бренду
  • Шорткод: Отображать бренд для определённого товара
  • Shortcode: A-Z Listing
  • Виджет: Показывать бренды выпадающим списком
  • Виджет: Показывать бренды списком (название бренда или логотип)
  • Виджет: Фильтровать товары по брендам
  • Настройка ярлыков брендов
  • Show the brands in products loop
  • Import brands (migrate) from other brands plugins
  • Dummy data installer (logos by heroturko)
  • WooCommerce REST API support
  • WooCommerce built-in product importer/exporter support
  • Brand tab for single product page
  • Favorite brands
  • Brands json import/export
  • Brand structured data
  • И многое другое!


  • Карусель брендов
  • Страница брендов
  • Таксономия брендов
  • Шорткоды брендов (с Visual Composer)
  • Карусель товаров по бренду


  1. Загрузите плагин в директорию ‘/wp-content/plugins/’.
  2. Активируйте плагин через меню «Плагины» в WordPress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Perfect WooCommerce Brands бесплатный?

Да, конечно. Этот плагин абсолютно бесплатный. Нет рекламы, нет никаких премиум версий.

Where are the plugin settings?

Перейдите в WooCommerce/Настройки/ и кликните на вкладку Бренды

404 error on brand pages

Go to Settings/Permalinks and click on Save Changes button to flush the permalinks

PWB is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Join in on our GitHub repository 🙂
You can also contribute translating the plugin

Developer Documentation

Click here


Afferim markaları güzelce yerleştirdik. İyi oldu. Katalog görünümünde resimleri düzenlemek için ekstra css ayarlarına ihtiyaç vardı. Bunu öneririm css ekleyin gayet iyi olur. Başarılar dilerim. .pwb-brands-in-loop { width: 110px; float: right; background: transparent; border: 1px solid #dea458; }
The help screens in the documentation don't seem to bear any resemblance to what I am seeing. Can't fathom out how to even do the basics. Set up one Brand, added that to one product. Product doesn't show the Brand when viewed in the shop. Went to the Brand page - I could see the logo, but the product wasn't there. Tried reading the section on Shortcodes, but don't seem to be able to find a way to list all products for a Brand, even though the documentation suggests that this is possible. Followed the instructions to get support by going to the WordPress Dashboard, only to be presented with an error message and a 403 error to their link! Life's too short. Giving up.
Great Plugin. Easy to operate and it looks great on the website with the carousel it provides.
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Участники и разработчики

«Perfect Brands for WooCommerce» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • Fix: Security fix


  • Fix: Security fix


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: Google code snippet


  • Fix: QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • New. Telegram add to suggestions tab


  • Fix: php error


  • Add: QuadLayers dashboard widget


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: php 8 compatibility


  • Fix: php 8 compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • New: remove filters button


  • Fix: security issues


  • Enhancement: dynamic data escaped


  • Enhancement: Update suggestions


  • Enhancement: Update documentation


  • Enhancement: Update documentation link


  • Enhancement: Main file renamed according to WordPress standards
  • Enhancement: «Show only first level brands» option added for the filter by brand widget


  • Fix: Breadcrumbs issues
  • Fix: Ajax search plugins conflict since previous release
  • Feature: New position option «in meta» for brands in the single product page
  • Feature: New param «only_parents» for «pwb-az-listing»
  • Enhancement: Sections for brands settings tab in admin
  • Enhancement: «[pwb-az-listing]» transient for better performance in large sites


  • Fix: Hidden products contribute towards product count for «pwb-all-brands» shortcode
  • Enhancement: Replace hardcoded thumbnail size for product loops with selected size (thanks @orjhor)
  • Feature: Redirect if the search matches with a brand name. Better product search experience.
  • Feature: Add the possibility to filter by product category on product carousel shortcode (thanks @lasdou)
  • Dev: New filter hook «pwb_html_before_brands_links»
  • Tested on WooCommerce 3.9


  • Enhancement: Better support for special characters in «AZ-Listing» shortcode
  • Fix: Filter by brand widget shows incorrect brands under certain conditions
  • Fix: Filter by brands in product tags pages and other product taxonomies
  • Update: WC 3.8 compatibility
  • Dev: New filter hook «pwb_text_before_brands_links»
  • Dev: New filter hook «pwb_product_tab_brand_logo_size»
  • Dev: «[pwb-az-listing]» and «[pwb-brand]» templates for theme overrides


  • Tested up to, bump
  • Dev: New filter hook «woocommerce_product_brand_heading» for editing the «Brand» tab heading
  • Fix: Some problems with the «Brand» product tab
  • Fix: Avoid a possible JS conflict caused by «wp_localize_script»


  • Fix: Stupid JS error introduced in the previous version


  • Fix: Mismatched columns when a brand is added
  • Tweak: Disable brand tab when product not have brand
  • Dev: New filter hook ‘pwb_dropdown_placeholder’
  • Dev: New filter hooks ‘pwb_carousel_prev’ and ‘pwb_carousel_next’ for customize the carousel arrows
  • Dev: Override templates via a theme
  • Minor fixes and tweaks


  • Enhancement: Performance improvements
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs doesn’t take in account pagination


  • Feature: Now is possible to use %pwb-brand% in the product URLs
  • Fix: Fatal error in some themes (like Salient)
  • Fix: Some php notices and warnings fixed
  • Fix: Don’t show brand description/banner in paged


  • Feature: Extends the [products] shortcode to allow ‘brands’ attribute
  • Feature: The brands column is sortable now
  • Catalan translation (thanks to Lluisma)
  • Enhancement: Easier select brands page link in breadcrumbs
  • Enhancement: Configure the brand banner and the brand description position independently
  • Dev: New filter ‘pwb_taxonomy_rewrite’ to change the rewrite slug
  • Dev: New filter ‘pwb_taxonomy_with_front’ to change default «with_front» value
  • Fix: Fatal error in PHP5.4


  • Feature: A-Z Listing shortcode
  • Feature: New brands exporter/importer introduced
  • Fix: Missing some brands to filter
  • Fix: Coupon doesn’t work for product variations (thanks @gekomees)
  • Fix: The brand description is not shown if there are no products
  • Enhancement: wpautop() for brand descriptions
  • Enhancement: Other filter by brand widget enhancements
  • Enhancement: Brands page link in breadcrumbs
  • Enhancement: Enqueue the carousel lib conditionally
  • Dev: New filter hook ‘pwb_description_allowed_tags’
  • Update: WC 3.5 compatibility