Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Photography Management — WordPress Photo Proofing Plugin


Secure Online Photo Proofing with WordPress

Photography Management simplifies the workflow around uploading photo shoots, communication with clients, proofing and photo delivery.

Photography Management
— creates a login page for your clients
— showcases your photo shoots in a beautiful and responsive gallery
— lets your clients proof and download their images
— integrates seamlessly into your theme
— displays a portfolio page
— focusses heavily on image protection and privacy
— has fine-grained settings to control all of the above and more

Watch our short showcase video

Visit the official photography management website for more information!

Simplify your workflow
Simplicity is a strong focus of this plugin, both for you and for your clients. All you have to do is to define your client and to upload your photo shoot — Photography Management takes care of the rest. It creates a login page and a gallery for your client and prepares an email with the link and credentials once you are ready.
When your client logs in, a modern gallery showcases your photography in a way that integrates perfectly into your theme and conveys professionalism and strengthens your branding. This is especially important when you give guests access to a gallery (for example, wedding guests), since these guests are potential customers.
Above all concerns, however, we value the security of your images and the privacy of your clients the most. Because of that, Photography Management employs a dedicated access security system that only permits authorized users access to your images. To our knowledge, Photography Management
is the only plugin that does that.

You focus on your images. We do the rest.
In fact, we would love to help you out with any questions or issues you have — just contact us.

Our Premium Extension enhances your workflow even further:

Premium features:
— Comments per image
— Proofs download
— Single image download
— Display image filenames
— Display image captions
— Unlimited galleries per client
— Email notifications
— Canned emails for your clients
— Watermarking
— Custom CSS
— Priority Support

Why use Photography Management?

There are a couple of reasons:
— We have 1000+ happy users
— We continuously maintain and improve Photography Management
— We are there for you if you need us
— We work hard to really protect your images from unauthorized access
— We want your photography business to succeed and we act accordingly

How does Photography Management protect my images?

In contrast to every other photo proofing and delivery plugin we tested, Photography Management actually enforces real access management. This means that an unauthorized person will not be able to access the images uploaded via Photography Management even if he knows the image URL. All the other plugins we examined simply hide the gallery page, but do not protect the images themselves. We know about the significance of image protection in any photography business and thus work hard behind the scenes to keep your business secure. If you want to know if your website is secure, just reach out to us we are always happy to help (even if you are not using Photography Management).

Is Photography Management compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, make sure that you have WordPress version 4.9.6 or later installed.


  • Manage your client, the Wordpress style, as easy as creating posts!
  • Easily create optionally downloadable projects with a description, title and your photographs.
  • Password protect the project if you only want to make the project only accessible to a special group. Otherwise, just leave it public and let all of your website visitors see your great work.
  • Specify the global settings for Photography Management.
  • This is what your client sees after she clicks on the project link and successfully logs in (if necessary).
  • When clicking on an image, it is displayed in a sleek and modern looking image slider. If your theme already supports this kind of image handling and you want to keep everything consistent then just disable the image box in the global settings.


  1. Click on Plugins/Add New
  2. Search for Photography Management, click on ‘install’
  3. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress


I've tested on multiple wordpress installs and this plugin simply doesn't work.
New wordpress pages from this plugin cant be added to menus like other wordpress pages. Tested, not a problem from my wordpress. When I try to reach to the support page using the link provided inside the plugin I get a "not secure website" message.
I have bought a couple of licenses and even a dev license, but the dev rarely updates the plugin, and if you're a person with clients, you will instantly regret this. I used to love the plugin, in fact, this breaks my heart to write, but I can no longer use this plugin because there is NO SUPPORT FOR IT AND IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF WORDPRESS.
The problem with this and other Wordpress proofing galleries is that they're not designed by photographers nor properly oriented to users. The minimalist style of the proofing gallery is nice, but it's not intuitive at all to a client. Instead of just some icons or +, - signs, a client needs a clear description text of all functions available along with the icons. Spanish translations of texts is awfully bad, misleading clients. Not a single option to customize those texts or design except some colours. Premium customer service is... just non-existent. Never received an answer to my emails. It could be the best proofing gallery but it's definitely not a serious, professional option and after doing a deep search in alternative proofing gallery WP plugins, I'm afraid they're all the same or much worse. The real professional solution is non-WP, premium service.
The plugin itself is not that bad. BUT: The plugin crashes very often in combination with other gallery plugins or sometimes without warning. Then the complete site is down and you have to remove all database entrys which contain settings of the codeneric plugin + remove files from ftp server and reinstall everything. The support isn't answering at all, so you have to find a solution on your own. Not really helpful, more struggle than use.
12.09.2020 1 ответ
This plugin poses a serious security issues. It creates a backdoor to your dashboard. Despite not having the option on to allow users to register, this plugin allows the client to create an account that will then, via a backdoor, allow them to access your dashboard! Cannot warn you enough, do not use!
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Участники и разработчики

«Photography Management — WordPress Photo Proofing Plugin» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


Журнал изменений


  • Fix — Updated wpps url.


  • Fix — Fixed [object Object] alt text of download button.
  • Fix — Compatibility with Rife theme.


  • Fix — Fix conflict with a specific autoptimize configuration.


  • Hotifx — Fix watermark warning when Jetpack CDN is active.


  • Hotifx — Fix Edge javascript issue.


  • Refactor — Reworked fullscreen slider.


  • Fix — Safari hotfix PluralRules.


  • Fix — display translations in public frontend.


  • Improvement — better German, Portuguese and Spanish translations.
  • Improvement — streamlined admin frontend


  • Fix — Premium compatibility with WP 5.3.


  • Fix — Empty gallery if WordPress fails to resizes images on upload.


  • Fix — In some older browsers the ‘new Gallery’ page was empty.


  • Fix — Prevent automatic deactivation.
  • Fix — Clean up client galleries on client removal.


  • Fix — Make image loading functional on GoDaddy servers.


  • Feature — Portfolio shortcode to display the cover images of all galleries on a public page.
  • Improvement — Better integration into themes by using shorcodes on pages.


  • Feature — Portal Page integrated into Elementor.
  • Fix — Removed unrelated meta boxes in project and client view.


  • Improvement — Increase security level while keeping high performance.
  • Improvement — Better theme compatibility and alert with instructions is theme is incompatible.


  • Fix — Better CSS for login form


  • Fix — Remove coupon notice


  • Localization — Better Japanese translation


  • Performance — Make watermarking more efficient and robust
  • Fix — Handle case where user deletes an image via WP media.


  • Fix — Make client shortcodes dynamically callable in PHP


  • Fix — Warning on settings page
  • Fix — Set featured image for theme integration
  • Fix — Display up to 4 projects per row on client overview page
  • Fix — Canned email encoding fixed for mails containing ‘&’ characters


  • Tweak — contact Codeneric support easier from admin frontend


  • Fix — slideshow arrows in Safari


  • Feature — fast image load setting


  • Feature — set a proofing limit


  • Localization — add Chinese
  • Localization — add Arabic
  • Localization — add Polish
  • Localization — add Russian
  • Localization — improve German
  • Localization — add Hindi
  • Localization — add Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Localization — add Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Localization — add Japanese
  • Localization — add Spanish


  • Fix — load correct text domain


  • Tweak — all the text is translatable now.
  • Fix — enqueue custom css only on client and project pages.


  • Tweak — redirect client to project page after portal login, if she only has only one project and no client description
  • Fix — typo (Unlke -> Unlike)
  • Fix — accent color
  • Fix — empty gallery warning
  • Tweak — admins can view private projects without logging out
  • Tweak — apply template setting to client page. Set constant ‘PHMM_APPLY_TEMPLATE_TO_CLIENT_PAGE’ in wp-config.php to false to disable


  • Bugfixes


  • Handle legacy settings.
  • Add filter hook ‘codeneric/phmm/user_can_administer’


  • Make editor access configurable via PHMM_ALLOW_EDITORS constant.
  • Make editor access to default media library configurable via PHMM_ENABLE_MEDIA_SEPARATION constant.
  • Small fixes.


  • Fix dismiss function of admin notices.
  • Handle Fast Images extension, if it is too old.


  • Non critical admin notices are dismissable now.
  • Fix: gallery arrows


  • Use protocol relative URLs to handle special TLS cases


  • Fix single image download
  • Discourage display of prev/next links for galleries


  • Automatically adjust htaccess when site URL changes
  • Only use predefined image sizes
  • Improve performance


  • Hotfix back button in gallery
  • Hotfix logout button in gallery
  • Improve performance


  • GDPR compliance enforced (requires WP version 4.9.6 or later)
  • Fixed migration from version 3 to 4 on low-capacity servers
  • Fixed download zip feature on sites with non-standard base URLs
  • Fixed download interactions csv on sites with non-standard base URLs
  • Lazy load gallery in admin front end
  • Clean up code
  • Improve performance
  • Improve robustness
  • Fix settings issues
  • Remove client on wp-user deletion


  • Fix watermark display issue
  • Enhance migration process


  • Back button fix
  • Fix project names in interaction page
  • Fixed filename and caption features
  • Fixed watermark setting
  • Improve theme compatibility


  • Include shortcode for client, project and portal
  • Fix conflict with Yoast SEO
  • Fix conflict with Jetpack


  • Fix: use mime type only if available


  • Deactivate plugin gracefully if PHP is older than 5.6


  • Fixing errors when updating base with old premium plugin installed


  • Polished user interface
  • Split client from projects
  • New Feature: One project to many clients: You can assign the same project to multiple clients
  • Comment feature is official now
  • Interactions Page: On this page, every interaction (proofing, commenting) of your clients with their projects is listed. From this page you can download a list of proofed images and see/answer to comments.
  • Enhanced Canned email feature: You can have multiple canned email templates, set in Settings
  • New settings: Accent color: Define a theme color for your pages to integrate better with your theme
  • New project settings Access: You can make your project publicy available or only accessible for clients. In the latter, you can additionally add a password for a guest login
  • Single image download possible
  • Major rewrite of most code
  • Performance and stability improvements


  • Hotfix the gallery ordering feature


  • Hotfix thumbnails


  • Fixed bug in project overview related to thumbnails


  • Fixed bug related to zip download


  • Better project overview in admin area
  • Fix bugs related to the project view
  • Split image downloads into multiple zips to dodge server timeouts


  • Moving watermark feature out of beta. Customizing the watermark image, its position and scale is now possible in PHMM > Settings
  • Including option to permanently delete all images of a project when deleting the project. Can be toggled at PHMM > Settings
  • Sort starred images in the notification email


  • Fix a message string to be internationalized


  • Significantly better theme integration
  • Page template selection in PHMM > Settings
  • Lightbox Theme Option Light/Dark in PHMM > Settings
  • Hotfixes of invalid login attempts


  • More hotfixes


  • Hotfixes


  • Introducing reordering of gallery images: drag&drop, reverse, order by name


  • Do not load wp-load
  • Sanitize input data where needed
  • Manipulate .htaccess with insert_with_markers to make future releases more robust


  • Removed semi-automatic premium plugin install feature


  • Hide ‘No images favorited’ text


  • Make PHMM more robust against external code influence. Fixes issues with thumbnail display.


  • Include brazilian portuguese language. Many thanks to Diego Meneghetti who made it possible!


  • Fix collisions with themes


  • Send canned email feature [premium]


  • comment beta release


  • minor bug fixes


  • Undefined string offset fixes


  • solve bug from last release


  • remove global jQuery dependency
  • hotfixes


  • drastically improved slider performance
  • add legacy support for older jQuery versions
  • dynamic images per row depending on available width
  • add description for projects


  • Fix gallery issue in safari


  • Include Back and Logout buttons
  • fix issues with several WP installations


  • Visual hotfixes
  • fix issue with portal and shortcodes


  • Complete rework of the project view for clients
  • dynamic image fetching for fast page load
  • mobile-friendly responsive design
  • faster slider
  • image name and caption displayed in the slider
  • images can be liked within the slider


  • Selective download [premium]


  • Fix password autofill in chrome


  • Paypal subscription fix
  • Launched facebook group


  • Critical safari hotfix


  • PHMM is going multilingual! We now support, apart from english, german and french
  • Watermarking for images which were uploaded via PHMM
  • Validate email


  • Now compatible with Jetpack/Photon
  • Zipstream library updated (PHP >= 5.3 required)


  • Safari fix
  • New zipping strategy
  • Hotfixes


  • IE admin error fix
  • Fav counter fix
  • Hotfixes


  • New settings option: Define the email addresses, that should receive the favorite notifications (multiple addresses allowed) [premium feature]
  • Display filenames to your clients [premium feature]
  • Hotfixes


  • Toggle the visbiblity of image captions for your client
  • Many hotfixes


  • Portal fix


  • Hotfix tackling older PHP version


  • Launched official photography management website!
  • Email notification on client favorite [premium feature]
  • Display image file names in gallery [premium feature]
  • Set your project preview image individually [premium feature]
  • Display the number of favorited images to the client [premium feature]


  • Internet Explorer fix
  • Safari fix
  • Dequeue foreign CSS and JS


  • changes in username policy


  • Username bug fix number 2


  • Username bug fix
  • Premium feature: image captions/title


  • Display zipping progress
  • Zipping more robust for many images


  • Multi-projects fix
  • Design fixes


  • Login portal page for your clients
  • Client and project views can be displayed on any page via shortcode
  • Design improvements


  • Fixed add new client bug


  • Fixed zipping process for some servers
  • Do not reload whole page on save
  • Improve performance


  • Fixed favorite display issues
  • Design improvements


  • Additional client info
  • Design improvements


  • PHP warning fixed.


  • Important bug fixes.


  • Speed improvements. Bug fixes.


  • New feature: Let your client choose his/her favorite photos. The resulting selection can be viewed in the admin gallery view. Further, the filenames of the favorited photos can be exported as a .txt file
  • Strongly improved gallery appearance
  • Adding photos will only add those that are not already in the gallery
  • The pick order of your image upload is respected in the gallery
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes


  • Too-many-images gallery bug fix


  • Permalink fix for the setting ‘standard’


  • Optionally, you can serve only low-res images in the client view page
  • Optionally disable right-click behaviour for fullsize images


  • Bug fixes


  • Project overview page
  • Prettier URLs


  • Bug fixes
  • Better integration into themes
  • Added settings page
  • Download-Button can be turned on/off and the text can be set
  • Make the Image Lightbox feature optional in case the theme already uses a plugin
  • Container Width will be adjusted automatically. If it fails, there is a input in the settings page where the exact pixel value can be set
  • Support Page added


  • Bug fixes
  • Enhanced usability
  • Better compatibility


  • Fixed Featured Image issue