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Plugin Name: PLINK Payment Gateway


PLINK-PaymentGateway-WooCommerce is an Indonesian Payment Gateway plugin that will allow you to start receiving online payment with a very simple way of activation.

This plugin is an official plugin from Plink Payment Gateway. Payment Gateway product from PT Prismalink International. We ensure that every payment process will be simple and secure for both merchant and customer. This plugin will allow you to receive payment from various payment methods in Indonesia. You can view and manage all transaction report in one convenient place, Plink Dashboard.

Please follow this step by step guide for complete configuration. If you have any feedback or request, please do let us know here.

Payment Method Feature:

  • Virtual Account payment from 9 top banks in Indonesia
  • Credit Card full payment
  • Debitin® (Debit Instant) – 2 easy simple steps for payment
  • QRIS payment – 1 QR for all e-money in Indonesia
  • PayLater payment
  • Payment page (one platform for all payment methods)
  • Payment confirmation and status change
  • Support multi-language (English and Bahasa)

Get Help


  • Plugin Plink Payment Gateway configuration (contains credentials and some little configurations for the plugin)

  • How Plink Payment Gateway appears on checkout

  • Plink Payment Gateway page order confirmation.

  • PLINK Payment page


  • Make sure you have credentials generated by PLINK such as: Secret Key, Merchant ID, Merchant Key ID by registering to Prismalink Merchant
  • Make sure to install Woocommerce plugin as well
  • Download this plugin
  • Go to your wordpress admin dashboard
  • Go to plugin menu on the sidebar menu
  • Click Add new button and then click Add new plugin button
  • Upload .zip plugin file which you have downloaded before
  • After plugin installed, and then click activate plugin
  • After plugin is already installed, go to Woocommerce menu on the sidebar
  • Go to Settings > Payments
  • On the list of payment methods click manage on PLINK Payment Gateway payment method
  • Enter your credentials that you got from PLINK before
  • Dont’ forget to set Phase to production if you want start with real payment and set to Test if you wan’t just for testing
  • And then click Save changes

Where can I report bugs and request feature?

The best way is to submit your report and feedback to this form https://www.support.prismalink.co.id/halaman-bantuan/, or you can also use WordPress plugins support for reporting bugs and error.


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