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PM Currency For WooCommerce


Introducing PM Currency For WooCommerce, a simple lightweight yet powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to show all WooCommerce product prices in your site visitor’s local currency as well automatically. Simply install it, activate it and all your products prices will start showing in site visitor’s currency automatically in addition to the store currency!

* Light Weight Plugin By All Women Team Of Plugins Monster
* Easy Automatic Conversion & Price Display In Site Visitor Currency
* Absolutely FREE Currency Conversion
* Free Support By Plugins Monster All Women Team

PRO Version Features
* Upgrade To Pro & Set Any Base Currency
* Option To Select From Over 75+ Base Currencies
* Ability To Use Short Code/Tags In Product Description For Currency Conversion
* Premium Support & Setup By Plugins Monster All Women Team

All details about free & pro plugins including demo of both can be found at www.plugins.monster/pmcurrencyforwc

Requires use of GeoPlugin API to get IP based geo data. It allows approx 100 requests per minute for free (which is mostly good for most of the WordPress sites) so if your site gets more than 100 visits per minute then consider upgrading and whitelisting your server IP address by visiting https://www.geoplugin.com/ By using this plugin, you also agree to GEOPLUGIN privacy policy and terms of use which is available at https://www.geoplugin.com/privacy

If you have any suggestions or if you need any customization, feel free to email our all women friendly team at support@plugins.monster

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Upload the plugin zip folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory or install and activate it via the WordPress plugin installer.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How Does It Work?

Once you install and activate the plugin, the product prices will automatically be converted into site visitor local currency from USD and shown in brackets along side store price.

So Does It Convert From USD Only?

Yes the free version plugin base currency is USD only so it will convert from USD to whatever site visitor local currency is. However if you need to set any other base currency (your WooCommerce store has been set up in any currency other than USD), please upgrade to pro and the pro plugin will allow you to set base currency from out of 75+ currency choices.

Do You Provide Support?

Yes, we are an all women team and the best we know is how to help 🙂 For any kind of plugin support, please feel free to email us at support@plugins.monster


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