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This plugin has the most sophisticated options of its type. I have tested many popup builders and Popup-maker covers every scenario I can think I will need.
I get really annoyed by such plugins. I just want to install and to use it. But no, I need an API key. I need to register somewhere. That's why this is probably the 10th plugin I'm testing and it's such a waste of time. Just explain what you need to us it in the beginning of the description. Then I'd happily leave the page. It gets so annoying that I'll just start to give bad reviews to such plugins.
It's a great product, I was struggling with an issue and the support team helped me professionally, thanks again!
I prefer to keep control of my pop ups. Also I was so confused by the EXACT same team name as a competitor of this product I initially let a negative comment on their page. Don't install this paid plugin, they are a lot of good alternatives.
this is the best plugin I have found about creating popup, easy to learn and with a great support. Highly recommended to everyone
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