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Popup Maker — Responsive popup, Exit Intent Pop up, Email Optins, Autoresponder & More



Этот плагин был закрыт с 04.06.2024, он более не доступен для загрузки. Плагин был закрыт временно, ожидается проверка.


I really hate these types of plugins where you need to make an external account somewhere to use. I don’t mind restricting some of the features if you don’t make an account, but to have to make an account just to use the basics, its not really right. These types of plugins should be be allowed in the official registry in my opinion.
API doesnt connect. Support doesnt answer… this plugin was better when you didnt need an ‘account’ and API
Out of the box, this plugin has no features until you sign up through their external 3rd party website. At which point you only get «21 days of FREE Trial before you decide to upgrade your license». This plugin’s only purpose is to sell subscriptions since it has no features out of the box.
02.09.2022 1 ответ
Pop Up Maker is an excellent tool. Easy to configure, fully adaptable to customer needs and very versatile. Also, the support service is the best I know.
29.08.2022 1 ответ
良すぎて隠しておきたいくらい。 機能) 14種類のポップアップと、離脱防止含む7個の出力条件、参照元やスケジュール等9個のルール ブラウザプッシュ通知も使用可能 価格) 100万PVで$28.95 サポートもしっかり対応してくれます。
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