Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Post Views Stats Counter


This plugin will display how many times post and page viewed.

It`s a simple stat analytics that also shows total view per day, week, month and all days. Those view are showed with titles and permalink.
Select only by title to see particular pages.

You can exclude admin user and login users + you can ignore bots and useragents.

The another merit is that «Most Popular articles» section can be added on to your widget.

  1. Display how many times post and page viewed

  2. View total access per day, week, month, and all days

  3. Show titles and permalinks as well

  4. Change view order by date and title

  5. You can ignore bots and UserAgents

  6. Exclude admin user and login users

  7. «Most Popular articles» section can be added on to your widget


  • View posts and pages by date, access, title, permalinks, etc.

  • Exclude admin user and login users + Ignore bots and useragents

  • Add «Most Popular Articles» to the widget section


  1. Upload the «wp-post-views-stats-counter» directory to /wp-content/plugins/.
    Generally, upload .zip folder to WordPress.

  2. Activate Post Views Stats Counter from «Plugin menu».

  3. You can set options from «View & Settings for Post Views Stats».

  4. All access view is on «View & Settings for Post Views Stats» on the setting page.

  5. You can add «Most Popular Articles» on the widget page.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are the total views accurate?

It depends on the bots that you include.
The difference between the other post view stats are the bots that eliminate.
Please add bots to exclude for more posibility of robot crawler.

Does it count view of the smartphone and tablet?

Yes, not only PC but smartphone and tablet counts.

What if I make a mistake and deactivate the plugin, all the access data will be gone?

No, your access data will be kept inside the database even if you deactivate or uninstall the plugin.
Please use the reset botton to clear data.


With Wordpress 5.7.1 Don’t working well the plugin show these two errors in a config view: Warning: Undefined array key «Pvs_Counter_save» in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\post-views-stats-counter\manage\admin.php on line 30 Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$time in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\post-views-stats-counter\manage\admin.php on line 480
Hi, Kazuki, I love your simple, yet powerful plugin «Post Views stats counter». Could it be possible to add an option, a script, whatever, to «import» the historical stats of «WP Statistics», another well known wordpress statistic plugin ? I think you know it 😉 . It seems (after some looking) that the datas registered with WPstats is really close to what you store in your db table. In fact, this old plugin has recently been partially broken for some bloggers, dunno why 🙁 … fatal errors trying to upgrade from v12 to v13. So,I do not want to use it anymore. Moreover, I’m searching for a remplacement, and your plugin is really the ideal move for me : simple, speedy, sufficient for my needs !
Pros: 1. Effective 2. Simple, not bloated with complex settings Con: 1. Outdated interface aesthetics My suggestion to the plugin author: Add the following TAGS to the plugin’s page on wordpress.org because people also search for these: 1. popular posts 2. popular posts widget Thanks for this plugin! 🙂
Tested the popular «WordPress Popular Posts» with 300K installs. Was turned off by it’s excess settings, and the fact it counts a page refresh as 2, instead of 1. In overall decided to adopt this little trustworthy plugin. It’s reporting also records «Events Pro» pages. Gives you a simple easy-to-read table of stats. Excellent.
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Журнал изменений

1.0.0 — April 26, 2019
Initial release

1.0.1 — April 28, 2019
Translation changed

1.0.2 — April 28, 2019
text-domain valuable fixed

1.0.3 — May 2, 2019
Pro version released

1.0.4 — May 2, 2019
Bug fixed

1.0.5 — May 8, 2019
Version check

1.0.6 — June 7, 2019
Support page link changed

1.0.7 — November 18, 2019
WordPress 5.3 checked

1.0.8 — April, 2020
WordPress 5.4 checked

1.0.9 — August 12, 2020
WordPress 5.5 checked

1.1.0 — August 12, 2020
WordPress 5.5 checked

1.1.1 — January 20, 2021
WordPress 5.6 checked

1.1.2 — March 17, 2021
WordPress 5.7 checked

1.1.3 — March 17, 2021
WordPress 5.7 checked

1.1.4 — September 24, 2021
WordPress 5.8 checked

1.1.6 — November 16, 2022
WordPress 6.1 checked

1.1.7 — April 12, 2023
WordPress 6.2 checked