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You can show posts by pre built shortcode. Multiple Shortcodes available with multiple layouts.

You can use attributes in shortcode for more controls.

There are Some example how to use:

1) Use this shortcode to display posts:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1"]

See screenshots for layout preview.

2) You can use multiple layout like:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="2"]

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="3"]

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="4"]

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="5"]

3) You can use multiple attributes for more controls as below:

Show custom number of posts:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" no_of_post="6"]

Show Posts by category:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" category_id="1"]

Show Posts by Multiple Category

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" category_id="1,2,3"]

Show all posts excluded by category

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" exclude_cat="1"]

Show all posts excluded by multiple category

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" exclude_cat="1,2,3"]

Show pagination

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" pagination="yes"]

Hide category label from layout:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" hide_category="yes"]

Show number of character in post desciption:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" desc_length="200"]

Set custom label for Read More Button:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" read_more_lebel="Continue Reading >"]

Show Author name in posts

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" show_author="yes"]

Show Single post by post id

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" post_id="52"]

Full Features List:

  • Show Post by Shortcode, extra layouts with extra control.
  • You can use Multiple Shortcode to display multiple posts layout.
  • You can use Multiple shortcode attributes for more control.


  • Layout One
  • Layout Two
  • Layout Three
  • Layout Four
  • Layout Five
  • Layout SIX
  • All Shortcode Page
  • All Available Attributes


1.Just download and install like other wordpress plugins.
2.Copy shortcodes from dashboard and Paste it where you want to show posts
3.Use pre built shortcode attributes for more controls

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to use shortcode?

Go to dashboard -> Click on «Post By Shortcode» tab left side of admin bar. You will see multiple shortcodes. Just copy shortcode and paste in page where you want to show posts.

How to use shortcode attributes?

It’s very simple just copy shortcode like this:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1"]

Now copy attribute you want to use from dash board. And Paste it in the shortcode using space like this:

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="1" pagination="yes"]

You can use multiple attributes to multiple layout like

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="2" pagination="yes" desc_length="200"  hide_category="yes"]

[show_posts_pbs_rk layout="3" pagination="yes" show_author="yes"]


Very simple and light weight plugin. Simple layouts. I think these layouts can fit in any kind of website. One request can you make similar plugin for woocommerce products? Thank you for awesome plugin.
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  • Added Multiple category functionality
  • Added Pagination for category attribute
  • Added Exclude categroy functionality


  • Added show post by post id functionality to show single post


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