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Prediction League


Prediction League provides a self hosted game for your readers. You can import, create and manage your competitions.


Upload the plugin to your blog, Activate it, create a static page, include the id of the page in the prediction league options, import or create a competition. let the games begin
More infos/faq/screenshots: http://liga.parkdrei.de/category/das-spiel-hier/predictionleague/


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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений

the option to show the link to the pluginpage is now default «off»
colorpicker is called in a better way
protect all db calls from SQL injection vulnerabilities ($wpdb->prepare)

renamed some functions with pl_ prefix

removed the worldcup only bracket game
included the schedule for the german «Bundesliga 2014/15» and the «2. Bundesliga» as default competitions
— create a new game
— show different competitions in a nice way
— no more «7 characters» display bug while the plugin activation

input type=tel for tips (better for mobile devices)

fixed a bug, which made it impossible to reach the total score
fixed a bug with wrong directories of the up and down arrows

include the wordpress files of jquery and jquery ui (https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script)
calling files and in the right way (https://codex.wordpress.org/Determining_Plugin_and_Content_Directories)
bugfix: cannot create a new team
bugfix: the «double» Korea team in the bracket
some minor bugfixes
some spelling corrections

several bugfixes
bracket game for the worldcup 2014
quick installation of the schedule of the world cup 2014
cleaner css menu
more customization options for the design of the prediction league