Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce


The Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin is a convenient and flexible tool for managing filters for WooCommerce products. Among the main features of this plugin there is a single widget that manages the display of all available filters, perfect Ajax, working with all popular themes and unique SEO features.

Also, comparing to the standard WooCommerce filters, the Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce has a well-thought-out caching system for the load speed improvement.

The only plugin you need to manage your WooCommerce Filter

Fastest product filter for WooCommerce
Comparing to the standard WooCommerce filters, the Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce has a well-thought-out caching system for the load speed improvement.
We recommend that you look through the following research:
The comparison of the load speed of the WooCommerce filters and Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce with the cache plugins

Single widget for all filters
Displaying all available filters using a single widget

Filter the search results
An option to filter the search results

Displaying only available attributes
Displaying only available attributes depending on the category

All you need filters in one solution
Filter by price, active filters widget, filters widget included

Deferred loading
Optimize page load speed by loading filter deferred

Ajax filtering
Possibility to load filtering results with Ajax

Colors and Labels (Premium)
Possibility to show filter like colors and labels

Custom taxonomies (Premium)
You can use any custom taxonomy for filtering your products

The only Filter Plugin that have all you need SEO Settings

Generating pages with the Clean URL
Generating pages with the Clean URL based on the selected category + brand + attribute (you can specify an unlimited number of attributes)

Creating landing pages based on filters (Premium)
Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce Premium allows you to create landing pages based on the choice of filter configuration. The rule that generates these pages consists of the following elements:

Category (you can choose any category in the store for which the attributes are assigned) + Brand (if our Premmerce WooCommerce Brands plugin is activated) + Product Attribute / Attributes (you can choose any number of attributes and their terms).

This way you’ll create landing pages for already filtered pages of products with a specified category, brand, and attributes. For example, the following pages can be created:

Smartphones (category) + Apple (brand) + 7S (attribute) + Gold (attribute) + 64 Gb (attribute)

And for this page you can specify a unique h1, title, meta description and SEO-text.

Bulk generation of landing pages (Premium)
If you have many categories, brands, and product attributes in the store, it’s quite challenging to create unique descriptions of all possible options of categories + brands + attributes.

However, in order to get as many pages of your store as possible available in the search result, you can still generate a number of pages with Clean URL and unique titles.

Automatic adding of pages to the Sitemap (Premium)
After the category filters optimization, it is important to let the search crawlers know that now you have many more landing pages than before. So, when you create a page based on filters either manually or automatically, the plugin automatically adds new pages to the Sitemap, which is generated by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Themes’ Support

The plugin supports all most popular WooCommerce themes as we’ve optimized styles to fit the most popular solutions, provided a filter style “turn off” option in order to enable the styles of the chosen theme.

We’ve tested The Premmerce WooCommerce product filter with the following themes:

  • SalesZone
  • GoodLook
  • GrandStore
  • OceanWP
  • Avada
  • Flatsome
  • Divi
  • Neto
  • Astra
  • Mesmerize
  • Shop Isle
  • Hestia
  • Mins
  • Primer
  • Storefront

Plus, this plugin has really flexible settings, which ensures its smooth performance with any another theme, that hasn’t been mentioned in the list above.

Read more about: Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce Premium


Вы можете посмотреть, как работает плагин в теме SalesZone: .

Также, вы можете создать свой собственный демонстрационный магазин и протестировать этот плагин в сборке ImageCMS, которая содержит все плагины и темы, разработанные нашей командой здесь: ImageCMS WooCommerce Demo.

This plugin is 100% compatible with

  • WooCommerce
  • Premmerce WooCommerce Brands
  • Premmerce Search
  • Yoast SEO


  • The filter widget settings;
  • The filter displaying on the product category page;
  • The plugin settings in the administrative area.

Часто задаваемые вопросы


Full documentation is available here: Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce

Installation Instructions

Go to Plugins -> Add New section from your admin account and search for Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce.

You can also install this plugin manually:

  • Download the plugin’s ZIP archive and unzip it.
  • Copy the unzipped premmerce-woocommerce-product-filter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Ноябрь 29, 2018
I looked at alot of fiter plugins and this is the best. Support is also very good at answering any questions I have.
Сентябрь 26, 2018
плагин вполне не плох и свою функцию выполняет, есть конечно небольшие недочеты которые разработчики планируют исправить ближайшее время. А именно: 1) добавить большее количество формул в автоматически сформированный текст стандартных страниц 2) добавить фильтр по созданным посадочным страницам. в остальном плагин хороший
Август 15, 2018
Awesome plugin with a great functional, best product filter in!
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Журнал изменений


Release Date: Oct 19, 2017

  • Initial release


Release Date: Nov 20, 2017

  • Added WordPress 4.9 support
  • Added WooCommerce 3.2.4 support


Release Date: Dec 06, 2017

  • Added Premmerce icon to menu
  • Added Premmerce version check
  • Added WordPress 4.9.1 support
  • Added WooCommerce 3.2.5 support


Release Date: Jan 24, 2018

  • Updated freemius sdk
  • Fixed the dependency check on multisite
  • Fixed «Clear cache» button


Release Date: Feb 02, 2018

  • Added WooCommerce 3.3.0 support
  • Updated translations


Release Date: Apr 19, 2018

  • Added Active Filters widget
  • Added Price filter
  • Added Scroll and Dropdown views
  • Fixed search query
  • Fixed filters nested category products
  • Improved performance


Release Date: Apr 23, 2018

  • Updated markup and styles for better themes compatibility


Release Date: Jun 7, 2018

  • Added permalinks to premium version
  • Added seo settings to premium version
  • Added filter type color to premium version
  • Added filter type label to premium version
  • Added filter widget to attribute archive page


Release Date: Jun 21, 2018

  • Fixed properties with value 0
  • Fixed active filters
  • Fixed price filter form action in multisite environment
  • Fixed attributes parsing
  • Removed freemius menu subitems


Release Date: Aug 2, 2018

  • Added slider to premium version
  • Added category filter
  • Added product tag filter
  • Added WPML multicurrency support
  • Fixed same filter item as queried object is no longer visible
  • Fixed seo rules translations with WPML
  • Fixed attribute settings with WPML
  • Fixed min and max price variables in seo rule
  • Improved plugin architecture


Release Date: Aug 7, 2018

  • Fixed display_type notice


Release Date: Oct 19, 2018

  • Added styles configuration
  • Added deferred loading
  • Added ajax results loading
  • Added custom taxonomies to premium version
  • Updated themes support
  • Improved performance by caching price query results


Release Date: Oct 22, 2018

  • Fixed Seo Sitemap namespace


Release Date: Nov 29, 2018

  • Added WooCommerce 3.5 support
  • Added Reset all button
  • Fixed prices in filter when currency(Premmerce Woocommerce Multi-currency) switched


Release Date: Mar 1, 2019

  • Added attributes pagination
  • Added OceanWP compatibility
  • Updated drag-and-drop logic
  • Updated freemius to 2.2.4
  • Fixed filter loading on pages without filter
  • Security fix


Release Date: Mar 12, 2019

  • Fixed custom taxonomies priority issue


Release Date: Mar 14, 2019

  • Fixed running without woocommerce issue
  • Fixed uninstall issues


Release Date: Apr 25, 2019

  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility version to 3.6
  • Fixed trailing slash in sitemap
  • Fixed sitemap pagination
  • Fixed deferred filter widget title


Release Date: Jun 20, 2019

  • Update deferred filter widget container & replace logic
  • Updated Freemius to 2.3.0
  • Updated Premmerce SDK to 2.1
  • Updated WordPress compatibility version to 5.2