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Press Release distribution marketing tool for your WordPress website or blog. You can use this plugin to submit free press releases directly to the editors at Wire Access Pro and they will review and confirm with you before they distribute your press release for free to their network.

Provides a free DoFollow link to your website that helps with seo.

For more information on their Premium Press Release Distribution Services, Please visit their website at

For Support visit us at and to learn more about our Press Release Distribution to over 250+ news sites, 24 Hour Editorial Staff — Fast Distribution

Press release distribution services are used to distribute press releases to news wires, journalists, reporters, social networks, news aggregators and other news outlets.

A news wire distributes news to various organizations, such as journalists, reporters, online newspapers, blogs, magazines, radio networks and television broadcasters. A news wire may also some times be referred to as a «news agency».

You can use a news wire to easily distribute your press release to news wires, agencies, journalists, reporters, other various media outlets.

Press releases are one of the most inexpensive methods of advertising your business or website online.

Press release distribution services can send your Press release to a wide network of targeted media outlets that will publish your news on their site or news feed.

They provide relevant information about a company’s unique products/services. Press releases will help you rank higher on search engines and be found in places like google, yahoo and bing. Press release distribution will also help you rank for more keywords relative to your website as they usually contain inbound links and content that is relative to your website.

Marketing tool for your wordpress site, Submit unlimited press releases to all PR networks through your wordpress panel. Submit unlimited free press releases to Wire Access Pro’s press release network and social distribution network. A marketing press release distribution services tool.

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Once you submit your press release, it will be reviewed and published directly on our press releases page. For support, please contact us through our form on our website or to submit a premium press release, please visit our main site

Get your news and website indexed quickly in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results. Press Release Distribution Services. Publish your press releases on hundreds of news and media networks and build backlinks to any website. Host your press release permanently on our network of media sites and build high quality backlinks to your website instantly.

Fast 1-2 Hour Editorial Review & Next Day Distribution

Your Press Release is proofread by a member of our editorial staff the same day it is received and syndicated to our network and a very wide range of news, financial and business media outlets.

Top Press Distribution Service

Instantly gain quality backlinks and increase organic traffic. Syndication on Wire Access Pro’s exclusive online seo network which provides quality doFollow links and helps with your seo.

Multi Network Distribution

Submit Your News To Hundreds Of News and Media Sites. Press Release Distribution Your News is Sent to Real Journalists at Major Media Outlets. Submit your press release to Wire Access Pro and get your website and content indexed quickly in all the major search engines, Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Exposure for your Brand

Wire Access Pro Press Releases get your news and pages ranked quickly in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results. Host your press release permanently on our network of media sites.

Publish your press release on over 250 media outlets. Press release distribution to MarketWatch, Google and Apple News, NBC & FOX Local Affiliate Networks. Quickly promote a website with Press release distribution to MarketWatch,Google and Apple News, ABC & NBC Affiliate Networks, CBS & FOX Local affiliate network websites, and also Digital Journal.

Our editorial staff is online and available everyday and provide exceptional 24 hour customer support and fast 1-2 hour editorial review and publish next day.

We publish to a very wide range of news websites, financial websites and local news affiliate networks that includes comtex news network and financial content network distribution. Submit and Publish your press release on over 250+ news networks with one of Wire Access Pro’s distribution plans.

Our helpful and friendly 24 hour editorial support staff provides a concierge service, which includes proofreading for grammatical & spelling errors.


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  1. Upload & Install the zip file through your wordpress plugin panel or Upload the zip files folder contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  2. Open the plugin from the left hand sidebar within your WordPress Dashbaord.

  3. Fill our the form and submit your free press release directly to our editors at Wire Access Pro. They Will review and respond within 1-2 hours.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What minimum version of WordPress is required?

This plugin requires minimum version 1.0 or later of WordPress.

What are the licensing terms?

This plugin is available for free under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

What is the latest tested version of WordPress this is compatible with?

This plugin has been tested up to version 5.02 of WordPress.

Does this plugin have any issues with any other plugins or themes?

This plugin is safe and fully tested with all current version of WordPress. Works fine with all other plugins, works perfectly with yoast wordpress seo plugin, contact form 7, akismet, also jetpack, and also works perfectly with any theme, no compatibility issues with any plugins or any other themes. This plugin is tested and safe for your wp site or blog and fully responsive and tested in all browsers.

How can I find more information about the plugin?

For any additional questions please contact support at anytime. You can use our contact form on our website or contact support through our email — Contact Wire Access Pro Support

Where Can I Distribute A Press Release?

When your business needs to release company information or news, you can use a news wire or a press release distribution service to distribute your news to a large network of media outlets, Wire Access Pro can distribute your press for free to their site for a free doFollow link, or they can publish your press release to over 250 news sites with one of their distribution options.

To Learn more click here —

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Press Release?

Wire Access Pro can publish your press release for free or else they have plans starting at $59 to publish your press release to 250 news sites. They have additional options available to get you published on top news sites USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Etc.

To Learn more click here —

How Do I Submit A Press Release to Wire Access Pro?

Please visit their website anytime to easily submit a press release. They have a 24 hour editorial staff and they will review anything you send within 1-2 hours. When your company needs to release a news statement or other information, you can use a news wire or press release distribution service to easily distribute your news to online newspapers or other media outlets. Wire Access Pro is a leader in press release distribution and can quickly publish your press release on over 250 news sites.

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Do I Need A Press Release?

Press releases will help you rank higher on search engines and be found in places like google, yahoo and bing. Press release distribution will also help you rank for more keywords relative to your website. Any company needs a press release, they can help with marketing and bring in new customers. Please visit our site to view our press release templates.

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How Do I Publish Press Release?

To publish your press release, use the plugin and submit your press release directly to the editors at Wire Access Pro through, They will review your press release within 1-2 hours and email you back quickly. They have press release templates and its very easy to use their website.

To Learn more click here —

How Long Should A Press Release Be?

A press release should be about 300 to 800 words but there really is no set limit or guidelines. Alot of press release distribution companies accept any word limit.

To Learn more click here —

How Do You Write A Press Release?

Professional, well-written copy is one of the easiest ways in which to build up your reputation and credibility with journalists and news outlets. Give your reader a reason to click your headline.

To Learn more click here —

Where Can I Publish Press Releases For Free?

Please visit Wire Access Pro’s Website to submit a free press release. They will review it within 1-2 hours and confirm with you quickly. Press release distribution services range from free to any imaginable price depending on the quality of the press release distribution service. Please visit our site to submit a free press release anytime. Our team is available 24 hours a day.

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Who needs a press release?

Any online company. Publish a press release for any of the following

Event Press Release
Book Launch Press Release
New product launch Press Release
New Service Offering Press Release
Launch of new website Press Release
Launch of new company or startup Press Release
New contract with client Press Release
Putting out financial or earnings statements for the quarter (required for publicly all traded companies)
Sale or promotions Press Release
Participation in local events
Participation in local events
Strategic partnerships with other companies
Acquisitions or sales Press Release
Free ebook or whitepapers
Workshops Press Release
Open-houses or Real Estate Events Press Release

To Learn more click here also for free press release templates —

What if my press release is not formatted?

We provide a concierge service and take care of everything for you. An expert member of team will proofread and correct your press release of any spelling and/or grammatical error then format the press release.

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Is your service different from other PR Companies?

Wire Access Pro helps you build quality backlinks and inbound links from our personal network of sites with doFollow links.

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Do you provide copywriting or other services?

Wire Access Pro offers several other services, monthly seo services, graphic design, ad design, conversion optimization, press release writing & general copywriting services.

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Will the press release ever be removed?

Some of the network providers will only display the press release for about 30 days or so, and some of the press releases will be taken offline as future news is published, but alot of the links will remain, including the doFollow link on our website.

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Is it harmful for my seo efforts If I submit too many press releases?

It can be harmful for your seo efforts if you submit too many press releases and link them to the same website. If you plan to submit alot of press releases each month for the same company, then we suggest to variate the urls, you can find more information about this on our website.

To Learn more click here —

What types of content do you not allow?

We do not allow distribution of any press releases that contain any of the following content;

View the full list on our website here


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