Prev and Next Lite


Prev and Next is a WordPress plugin that add elegant arrows to your blog, it gives the possibility to navigate through older or newer posts, products or custom post types. It helps you to increase the pageviews of your website and decrease your bounce rate because the visitors are encouraged to visit other content on your blog through these arrows.


  • A good way to improve the user experience by showing the previous and the next publication in floating mode.


  • Customize fonts
  • Customize fonts colors
  • Customize backgrouns colors
  • Customize Arrows
  • Responsive Designer
  • Navigate Posts
  • Automatic Mode

Demo: Live Preview
Documentation: View Documentation
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Pro Version

  • Use Google fonts
  • Select arrows
  • Navigate by pages, posts and custom post types
  • Automatic and custom mode
  • Support for WooCommerce

PRO version: Get Now

Native language

  • Native language: English International
  • Translation: PT_BR


  • Backend
  • Backend
  • Backend
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Frontend
  • Frontend


Install via WordPress Admin

  1. Ready the zip file of the plugin
  2. Go to Admin > Plugins > Add New
  3. On the upper portion click the Upload link
  4. Using the file upload field, upload the plugin zip file here and activate the plugin

Install via FTP

  1. First unzip the plugin file
  2. Using FTP go to your server\’s wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Upload the unzipped plugin here
  4. Once finished login into your WP Admin and go to Admin > Plugins
  5. Look for Coyote Prev and Next and activate it


  1. After installed the plugin, you need to configure settings, select prev and next on your wordpress panel menu, you can see the page that is gona show in your screen bellow.
  2. Ready to be happy.

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Visit our website: Coyote WP


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* fix order posts
* fix show unpublished/draft posts
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