PricingBlock — Responsive Pricing Table for Gutenberg


PricingBlock is a simple and powerful WordPress plugin that provides a Gutenberg pricing table block for entrepreneurs and service providers. With PricingBlock you can create a modern and responsive pricing table for your business pricing plans in just a few seconds.

PricingBlock Features

  • Responsive pricing tables it’s can be work with any screen sizes.
  • It is possible to rearrange the plans with one click.
  • Up to 10 plans per table.
  • Unlimited text and background color.
  • You can insert any Gutenberg blocks to plans body.
  • It is possible to set any plan as featured plan.
  • It is possible write anything in plan ribbon.
  • It is possible to replace plans button with any other button from other blocks.
  • It is possible to set background color for plans separately.


  • screenshot-01.png
  • screenshot-02.png
  • screenshot-03.png
  • screenshot-04.png
  • screenshot-05.png


For quick install please follow these steps…..
— Go to Plugins >> Add New.
— Click in Upload Plugin button
— Select file.
— Click on Install Now button


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Release Date — 25 June 2019
* First release!