Qwanturank lets you display the list of websites currently ranking on Qwant.com on the request «qwanturank»

  • Display the list of websites ranking on the request «qwanturank» on qwant.com
  • Defining the widget title
  • Choosing the number of websites to display
  • Displaying or cliquable link to each website
  • Defining if links will be dofollow or nofollow


  1. Go to the Appearance -> Widgets menu to manage widgets.
  2. Add a widget Qwanturank to a sidebar
  3. Setting-up the widget


  • Qwanturank widget settings

  • Qwanturank widget display

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Where does the ranking calculation comes from?

Rankings are calculated directly from the server https://qwanturank.news

How of often are rankings updated?

Rankings are updated every hour.

There is a link from the widget pointing to qwanturank.news, can I suppress it ?

Sure you can suppress the link to the complete ranking list (https://qwanturank.news/classement/) from the widget settings, but we would really appreciate you to keep it 🙂


Merci pour ce plugin. Idéal pour afficher le classement des sites qwanturank sur le blog.
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Журнал изменений


Release Date — 20 February 2020


Update — 21 February 2020
Adding a caching mechanism to reduce API calls