Real Media Library: папки в библиотеке и файловый менеджер


Organize uploaded media in folders: A file manager for WordPress

Real Media Library helps you with media management. Organize thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections and galleries. A real file manager that allows you to manage large amounts of files such as pictures, videos or documents in WordPress. Media library folders for everyone!

Создавайте НЕОГРАНИЧЕННОЕ количество корневых папок в бесплатной версии!

Бесплатная песочница

You want to try Real Media Library before installing? Take a free sandbox and play around!

Create sandbox


Complete file and folder manager: Create, rename, move and delete a folder

Drag & Drop your files in folders: Drag & Drop and image to move it into a folder, where you can find other files

Create shortcuts for files: Hold SHIFT and move a file with drag & drop to another folder in order to create a shortcut

Filter in inserting media dialog: In the WordPress inserting media dialog, you find the folder on the left hand side to filter your files

Custom image order: Move files per drag & drop to change their order or use some order function e.g. to oder all files of the folder your are currently in by title ascending

Works also great in list-mode: Real Media library with a the WordPress media library in list-mode

Расширенное управление загрузкой: при загрузке файла появляется модальное окно, которое показывает текущий статус, оставшееся время и скорость загрузки.

Upload files directly to folders: In the WordPress media upload dialog you choose in which folder your file should be uploaded

Create galleries from folder: Create a gallery with the images of one gallery folder in the Gutenberg editor]

You want a list of all features? Get it by scrolling down!

Supported Languages

Real Media Library is in multiple languages available:

  • Английский
  • Немецкий
  • Голландский
  • Испанский
  • Французский
  • Итальянский
  • Португальский
  • Шведский
  • Турецкий
  • Индийский
  • Китайский
  • Русский
  • Персидский
  • Хорватский

Все возможности Real Media Library

  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready
  • Folder for the WordPress media library
  • Drag & Drop your files
  • Отлично работает на сенсорных устройствах.
  • Создание ярлыков файлов для использования в нескольких папках. Ярлыки не занимают физического места в памяти (~0 кб).
  • Полный контроль над созданными папками на одной панели инструментов (создание, переименование, удаление).
  • Упорядочивайте папок перетаскиванием вручную или по одному из критериев (например, в порядке возрастания названий).
  • Сортировка содержимого папки перетаскиванием вручную или автоматически по одному из критериев (например, А-Я) постоянно или единоразово.
  • Bulk select folders and delete multiple folders at once
  • Filter in the WordPress insert media dialog
  • Advanced media library uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic galleries from a folder with Gutenberg block or shortcode
  • Order folder contents by drag & drop or by criterion (date, name, …)
  • Quickly navigate to folders with quick folder search
  • Translated into several languages
  • Compatible with all major themes, page builders and many plugins
  • Supports WordPress Multisite (each page has its own folder tree)
  • GPDR/DSGVO: The plugin does not collect personal data without your consent!
  • Import categories/folders from plugins like FileBird, FileBase, Folders, Media Library Assistant, Enhanced Media Library, Media Library Organizer, WordPress Media Library Folders by Mediamatic, Media Library Folders and more


Real Media Library is compatible with the most popular page builders, themes and popular WordPress plugins. You can buy our plugin in the security that it works with your WordPress. In the rare case that the Real Media Library is not compatible with a popular page builder, theme or plugin, just open a support ticket and we will make it work.

Page Builders



Full-featured file manager for media management

Real Media Library is a WordPress plugin that empowers you with advanced media management. With this plugin you are able to organize the thousands of images, audio, video and PDF files in your media library into folders. Basically it is a file manager like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, but for WordPress.

Why do you need this plugin?

A growing WordPress blog or website means that you add a lot of new media files to your database every day. In a few weeks your website will be filled with thousands of media files. How will you be able to find one of these files in a flat list? Of course, you can use the WordPress search function and spend a few hours to find a file, but who can remember the names of thousands of files?

Organize your media with ease

This is where the Real Media Library Plugin comes in. With this plugin you can easily create folders, collections and galleries for your pictures to organize your media library properly. Next time you’re looking for a file, it’s just a click away in the file manager.

Organizing your blog media files with the Real Media Library plugin is as easy as dragging and dropping them into folders. You can rearrange the order of your files by dragging them around to move the important files to the top of the list for faster access.

Additionally, you can use the Real Media Library plugin to add media galleries into your posts directly from the WordPress ‘New Post’ editor. This allows you to add an entire media folder as a customizable gallery to your WordPress posts.

The Real Media Library is the must-have WordPress plugin for media management, which can save you a lot of time that you have to spend on managing your media files.

Folders, Collections and Galleries

As you can see from the Real Media Library plugin screenshots (GIFs), it supports three ways to order your files:

Folder: A folder can contain any type of file and collections, but not galleries. To create a subfolder, simply select a folder from the list and click this button.

Collection: A collection cannot contain files. But you can create other collections and galleries there. The above mentioned gallery is only a gallery data folder, which means that they are not automatically placed in your frontend (your website). You can create a visual gallery from this gallery data folder using the Gutenberg editor in your page/post.

Gallery: A gallery data folder can only contain images. It is easier for you to distinguish where your visual galleries are located. You can also drag and drop the images into your own image order.

Developer Friendly

You are a developer and want to write an add-on for Real Media Library or make your plugin compatible with ours? We are happy to help you!

Frontend API

Our plugin is written in React and we provide you with a JavaScript API that you can use inside a React application or with plain JavaScript.

Документация по фронтэнду

Backend API

Our modern PHP backends offer WordPress actions & filters, an extensible PHP API and REST API endpoints. Work with what you prefer.

Документация по бэкенду

Free Support

We like to work with other WordPress developers. If you need assistants to use our product for your code projects, just open a support ticket.

Open a support ticket

Переходите на тариф Pro Real Media Library

Вы скачаете бесплатную версию этого плагина, который содержит все основные функции и возможность создавать неограниченное количество корневых папок.

Our PRO version offers even more useful features and subfolders to help you manage your media library in WordPress. Learn more about the PRO version.


  • Complete file and folder manager
  • Drag & Drop your files in folders
  • Create shortcuts for files
  • Filter in inserting media dialog
  • Custom image order
  • Works also great in list-mode
  • Advanced upload management
  • Upload files directly to folders
  • Create galleries from folder


  1. Перейдите в админку WordPress
  2. Navigate to «Plugins» > «Add New»
  3. Введите в строку поиска «Real Media Library»
  4. Установите и активируйте плагин
  5. Go to «Media» in the left sidebar and enjoy the advanced media management with folders

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 5?

Yes, we support WordPress 5.x and regularly update your Real Media Library to support future versions.

Does the plugin touch the file structure of my uploads?

No, only a virtual folder structure is created. If you want to rearrange the file structure, please have a look at our add-on
Real Physical Media.

Whats happens then I uninstall Real Media Library?

Don’t worry, you won’t have any problems. We’re just creating a virtual folder structure. As a result of uninstalling, your media library will be the same as before the installation.

Where can I find documentation or support for the plugin?

We offer a knowledge base and fast support on our website. Please feel free to open a support ticket if you have questions, issues or feedback about the plugin. We love to make Real Media Library better!

Real Media Library бесплатный?

Да, все основные функции Real Media Library бесплатны, и вы можете создавать неограниченное количество корневых папок. Нужны дополнительные функции, такие как вложенные папки? Узнайте больше о версии Про.


Not only do I like the product, but I was very pleased that took the the time to fix a compatibility issue with the Theme I am using. They even gave me access to a pre-release of their next upgrade so I wouldn't have to wait for it. Great support!
This plugin is one of the few ones that has a super detailed API documentation, and when you look at its code, it's not a usual mess, but a structured code that uses interfaces, and proper API structure. Plus it works really really well. Definitely recommend!
27.03.2023 1 ответ
Hallo,danke vorerst für die rasche Antwort.Mittlerweile bin ich dahinter gekommen warum.Es werden in der Datenbank die Tabellen von der Freeware genutzt.Ich kenne mich dort natürlich nicht sehr gut aus.Diese Tabellen müssen bestehen bleiben sonst ist die Pro Lizenz kaputt oder alles neu gestalten. Leider Wenn der Fehler natürlich bei mir liegt werde ich  Euch natürlich die Wertung auf 5 Sterne updaten. Den das Programm selbst ist wirklich sehr gut gestaltet und macht Freude bei der Arbeit.Was ihr eigentlich schon mit dieser schnellen Antwort verdient habt.Vielleicht habt ihr eine Lösung meines Problems. Danke Einfach fürchterlich, da kauft man ein Programm und nach der Lizenzierung keine Funktion mehr. Alle Ordner verschwunden.Mit der Freeware keine Probleme. Schade um diese Investition.
I honestly wish I'd known about this plugin years ago - would have saved me SO much time! Now I have rebuilt my website I have all my images and other media neatly organised. THank you!
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