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Recover Exit For WooCommerce


Stop cart and checkout abandonment in minutes with RecoverExit for WooCommerce, easily offer users an instant discount when exit intension is detected on your WooCommerce checkout or cart, works on both desktop and mobile devices.

RecoverExit in Action

Key Features That Come with RecoverExit For WooCommerce Plugin

👉 Advanced statistics

Track how your different exit popups and offers are going with advanced statistics, this includes how many times the popup was shown, the click through rate, skip rate, conversion rate (pro) and more.

👉 Template editor

RecoverExit comes with 8 free exit popup templates, you can easily edit and duplicate these templates with the built in template editor.

👉 Quick start tutorial

Get up and running fast, with the quick start wizard after plugin installation.

👉 6 Video tutorials

RecoverExit comes with 6 video tutorials that will help you get the most out of the plugin, just check out the help & license section of the admin menu or the video tutorials section on the website.

Discover more features on the RecoverExit website.


Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: What is cart/checkout abandonment?
A: Checkout or cart abandonment is when a user adds a product to the cart or checkout, then leaves without buying anything.

Q: Is cart/checkout abandonment common?
A: Yes, it is a very common issue, according to statista.com, the cart abandonment rate worldwide in 2019 was just over 69%, this means some stores lose as many as 6/10 customers.

Q: Is the RecoverExit plugin difficult to use?
A: Certainly not, we have even gone to the extent of making 6 video tutorials to help our users, which you can view on the plugin admin menu, under the help and licenses section or on the website (recoverexit.com).

Q: What does RecoverExit do when a user goes to exit?
A: It shows them your custom offer and gives them the ability to apply an instant discount that you set (e.g. 10% off).

Q: Why RecoverExit?
A: Because the plugin offers a simple and quick solution to a big problem (cart and checkout abandonment!)

Q: Does this plugin only work with WooCommerce?
A: Yes, at the moment this plugin will only work on WooCommerce checkouts and carts.

Q: Can this slow down my website?
A: No, the files that are loaded on the checkout and/or cart are very small, in-fact the JavaScript, CSS and code used on the checkout/cart is less than 10kb.


Very simple to use and setup, tutorial videos were helpful, currently testing this on my cart and collecting offer statistics, will be interesting to see which offer does best, well worth a try!
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Журнал изменений

V. 1.0.3 — Tested with WordPress 5.9
V. 1.0.2 — Free user template selection limit changed to 8 at once
V. 1.0.1 — Free template selection limit changed to 3
V. 1.0.0 — Plugin release, further improvements to come.